Tristan Thompson Sues Paternity Accuser & Quotes Michael Jackson: ‘The Kid Is Not [His] Son’

Tristan Thompson has made good on his threat to sue a woman who alleges that he's the father of her child, despite a paternity test saying otherwise. He's filed a libel suit and is seeking damages.

Tristan Thompson
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Tristan Thompson has gone on the offensive against Kimberly Alexander, after the woman has been claiming that he’s the father of her five-year-old son, even after he took a paternity test that said he wasn’t the dad. The NBA player has now filed a civil suit against her for libel after she called him a “deadbeat dad” and is asking for damages, in addition to paying his legal cost for filing the lawsuit against her. has obtained a copy of Tristan’s complaint, where he literally uses a line from the Michael Jackson song “Billie Jean” where his lawyer states “the kid is not [his] son.” We’ve reached out to Alexander for comment.

In page one of the complaint, it reads, “Defendant Kimberly Alexander (“Alexander” or “Defendant”) is a wannabe social media influencer and pornographic model/performer who is so desperate to achieve her fifteen (15) minutes of fame that she recently fabricated a false claim that NBA star/Cleveland Cavaliers center/power forward Thompson is the father of her nearly five (5) year old son.” It goes on to say that Tristan took a paternity test in Jan. 2020 and that “based on the test results reported and verified by the AABB-accredited facility mutually selected by Alexander and Thompson’s respective attorneys, the test definitively concluded that Thompson is not the father of Alexander’s child.”

A blog called Gossip of the City published alleged copies of text exchanges between Alexander and Thompson over the paternity testing. Alexander wanted a second test done at a new facility after learning that the first lab had promoted doing business with Tristan’s ex Khloe Kardashian, 35, and her family. She also claimed that Khloe paid people off because Alexander had “lots of dirt (on Tristan).” The Cleveland Cavaliers star’s suit claims, “Such statements are false, outrageous and highly defamatory.”

The filing goes on to claim, “Alexander has persisted in publicly proclaiming that Thompson is her child’s father and she has maliciously accused Thompson of being a deadbeat dad, ‘neglecting’ and failing to take financial responsibility for the child since birth. Such statements are absolutely false and are defamatory per se. To quote Michael Jackson, ‘the kid is not [his] son.'”

Tristan Thompson
The second page of Tristan Thompon’s civil lawsuit against paternity accuser Kimberly Alexander where his lawyer quotes from Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie Jean’ that the kid is not (his) son.” Document credit: Superior Court of the State of California.

Tristan — who is the father of Khloe’s two-year-old daughter True and papa to three-year-old son Prince with ex-GF Jordan Craig — was particularly upset at being called a “deadbeat dad.” In the document it states, “Plaintiff further alleges on information and belief that the foregoing statements in the posted by Alexander, asserting that he is a deadbeat dad who has ‘neglected’ and failed to provide for his son ‘since birth’, are susceptible to a defamatory meaning on their face in that they have a tendency to injure Thompson with respect to his personal and professional reputation, character and business, since so-called deadbeat dads are almost universally reviled and considered to be social pariahs.”

Former couple Khloe and Tristan’s attorney Marty Singer sent a cease and desist letter to Kimberly on May 13 in which the lawyer told her, “We demand that you immediately stop defaming them with malicious defamatory lies and specious fabrications” about the paternity of her son. We reached out to Ms. Alexander for comment at the time but did not get a response.

The letter also warned, “Your outrageous wrongful conduct has exposed you to multi-million dollar liability for claims including defamation and false light invasion of privacy. If you fail to immediately cease and desist from your wrongful course of conduct, your legal exposure will increase exponentially, and you will be sued.” Now Tristan has made good on that threat.

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