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Justin Bieber Calls Out Tekashi 6ix9ine’s ‘Lies’ As Feud With Ariana Grande Escalates Over Song Charts

Justin Bieber wants to make one thing clear: his collab with Ariana Grande, 'Stuck With U,' didn't buy its No. 1 position on Billboard's 'Top 100' chart. Tekashi 6ix9ine is insisting this is what happened.

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Tekashi 6ix9ine, 24, is waging war with Ariana Grande and Billboard after the latter announced Ariana’s collab with Justin Bieber, “Stuck With U,” grabbed the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s “Top 100” chart on May 18. Justin quickly refuted Tekashi’s accusations one by one, shooting down his claim that Ariana and/or her team allegedly bought their way to the top. He was especially ticked off after Tekashi, who landed the No. 3 spot with his song “GOOBA” shortly after his prison release, failed to even drop the Biebs’ name throughout his rant.

“He says his streams don’t count. Yes they do but he is counting his global streams and this is a domestic chart so only domestic streams count,” Justin began in a long message on his Instagram Story, posted that same Monday. This was a direct clapback at Tekashi’s claim that Billboard only counted 31 million streams, according to the alleged results of an “investigation” that Tekashi spearheaded. The pop star then moved on to Tekashi’s claim that Ariana allegedly submitted 60,000 units “last second” before the chart was finalized, and that “six credit cards” were allegedly used to buy 30,000 of those units (both Justin and Ariana denied this accusation).

“He said 30k was bought with 6 credit cards but that is a lie,” Justin continued. “The rules are clear one credit card can buy max 4 copies. Anything over that the entire amount gets thrown out. Nielsen company checks this and found all our sales were legit because our fans are amazing and bought them.” Justin then defended his fanbase, adding, “Don’t discredit our fan base with false info.” To end his note, Justin pointed out that Tekashi shouldn’t be picking a fight with Ariana alone. “This is my song with Ariana Grande and I’m honored to work with her to help raise money for a great cause,” he wrote, referring to the First Responders Children’s Foundation. In conclusion, Justin wrote, “If you gonna say her name make sure you say mine because it’s our song.”

Justin wasn’t fighting Ariana’s battle, though. The “7 Rings” singer issued her own defense, also shutting down Tekashi’s suggestion that her song’s No. 1 ranking was bought. “I would like to address a few things which i don’t usually do (i don’t give my energy to drama or strange accusations normally but this has gone a little too far)…my fans bought the song. JUSTIN’S fans bought the song. OUR fans bought this song (never more than four copies each, AS THE RULES STATE). they are ride or die motherf–kers and i thank god every day that i have them in my life. not just when they fight for us to win (even when i ask them not to as i did this week) but because they’re some of the greatest people i know,” Ariana wrote in an Instagram post.

Ariana also wrote that “sales count for more than streams,” and called out Tekashi and others for trying to discredit hardworking women (seemingly referring to the fact that Tekashi only dragged her name).

In response to the swift backlash, Tekashi attempted to backtrack. “I made this video to address Ariana. I don’t want you to think I’m coming at you. not saying that you not talented, not saying that. you can’t sing, you a beautiful singer. you just don’t understand my pain,” Tekashi said in another video. “My frustration is with billboard, I’m speaking for the millions of kids that came from nothing…I want you to understand that I come from a different, different background from you,” he added, before proceeding to play clips from Ariana’s time on the Nickelodeon shows Victorious and Sam & Cat.