Nikki & Brie Bella Reveal How They’re Motivating Each Other To Stay In Shape During Pregnancy

Sisters Nikki and Brie Bella are both expecting, and the pair dished on how they're staying motivated to exercise while pregnant during a pandemic.

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Sisters Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are certainly keeping busy while pregnant in quarantine. The duo are promoting their new memoir, Incomparable, and dished on how they’re finding the time to exercise, in an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “So we’ve been walking a ton. I feel like we power walk twice a day. But one thing too is when we have time, we haven’t actually stressed ourselves out yet about workouts,” Brie said. Nikki then added, “Advice that Brie gave me that’s really helped me is she kept telling me not to stress out about cravings and if I don’t get a workout in just to really listen to my body … I feel like it’s actually helped me maintain a decent weight,” she said. “I’m not gonna lie. I’m 10 pounds where I wanted to be from labor and I’m still 14 weeks out, so we’ll see. But I feel like when you take away the stress and you fall into having those cravings, but not over indulging.”

The pair are both in their third trimester, and Brie told HL she and her sis are both feeling great. “Even with the chaos kind of going on and all the uncertainty of the world, because we’re together, it’s really helped us to stay common positive,” she said. “We’re trying to make the most out of kind of this really sad situation going on, but we’ve been lucky. We’ve been under a, nice positive mindset.” She also told us they’ve had to “dig deep” to motivate themselves. “Before I used to just be able to hop in the car and go to [trainer] John Peel and then he would motivate me and I didn’t have to think and now you really have to think.”

Nicki chimed in, “You really have to realize how fortunate you are to have classes like hot yoga classes and Pure Barre and I think we all had the mindset in the beginning that we all were going to get in amazing shape during quarantine,” she said, adding that she has “invested” in workout gear. “My first two things I invested in was an elliptical and free weights, just to put in my garage, and that’s really helped just to like go in there and do a little bit so that’s helped with workouts, but we’re in 100 degree weather now, so it’s like really tough. I got a big fan but still, that doesn’t help when it’s 100 degrees.:

In their new memoir, the sisters touch on a range of heavy topics, including the loss of Brie’s high school boyfriend. Years before she met her now-husbandBryan Danielson, she was in love with a boy who she referred to as “Bear.” She opened up about their high school romance, and his death when she was just 18 years old.“I definitely found it therapeutic,” Brie told us. “But it was really hard to relive at my age to just think of myself in high school and it was my first love. We were so in love and we had all these plans, like what we were going to do outside of high school. I thought of myself at a young age, going through that, and it made me sad when I had to retell that story. I’ve had so much spiritual growth since then. So that helps me. But it was weird to just talk about myself at 18 years old and everything I felt then. I literally felt my world collapse on my shoulders, but I do love that the world gets to read about Bear. He was such a special human and it almost makes me proud that people now know him and know just how incredible he was.”

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