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Katy Perry Bares All & Reveals Her Growing Baby Bump In Dream-Like Music Video For ‘Daisies’

Katy Perry is exposing herself in her emotional ballad 'Daisies,' both literally and metaphorically. The singer frolicks in a meadow and lets her au naturel beauty and talent take the spotlight for the song's new music video.

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The world is full of doom and gloom, but a very pregnant Katy Perry is making time to stop and smell the roses. Or, in this case, “Daises.” The singer released the first single off her forthcoming fifth album on May 15, and it’s a song that many fans were anticipating with baited baby’s breath. Amid speculation of a possible cross-pollination with Taylor Swift or a potential ode to her own blooming love with Orlando Bloom (flower puns!), Katy’s track sprouted up, revealing the seed that is growing in her own tum: her very first baby that she’s expecting with Orlando. After wandering in a meadow in a Little House on the Prairie-esque dress, Katy drops her summer frock to reveal her completely bare baby bump (and body) in the song’s new music video.

The moment that Katy announced that she was releasing a new song, fans went all “Galaxy Brain” with the conspiracy theories about the song. The most prominent theory was that Taylor was going to appear on the track. Two days before announcing the song, Katy unveiled her daisy-themed sandals while supposedly referencing Taylor’s song, “You Need To Calm Down” (“Stick and stones may break your bones, but Daisies are the friendliest flower”). Fans also pointed out how Taylor wore a floral-themed sweater in a picture she posted on May 7 (“Biiig isolation”) and others noted how the @AmericanIdol Twitter account referenced Taylor’s 1989 album when reacting to the news of Katy’s single (“We can’t wait to play this like, 1,989 times in a row.”)

When asked about Taylor’s involvement, and if she would join Katy when she performs “Daisies” for the first time on the May 17 season finale of American Idol, the pregnant singer played coy. “Well, you’re just gonna have to tune into Idol next week to see all the rumors, true or false,” she said during an Extra interview.


Additionally, there are rumors that Katy’s Idol performance was going to feature appearances from some major music stars, and that leads to the second conspiracy theory, per Idolator. Taylor wasn’t the only one feeling the floral fever after Katy announced “Daisies.” Dua Lipa randomly posted a daisy chain bracelet around her wrist. Kesha posed without a shirt and covered her nipples with daisies. Melanie Martinez posted an update in which she was a flower. Miranda Kerr (aka the ex of Katy’s fiancé and the mother of his first child) also shared a field of daisies to her Instagram. Perrie Edwards also posed with a flower. Granted, the saying is “April showers bring May flowers,” so these celebs may have been enjoying the springtime, but everyone going “daisy-crazy” was too much to ignore.

Katy’s fifth album will arrive at the end of the summer. She teamed up with Amazon to announce the release date through the company’s Alexa service. When fans asked Alexa when KP5 was coming, the AI responded, “Katy asked me to ley ou know…that her new album will be released on August 14th. Make sure to follow Katy Perry on Amazon music for more.”