‘RHOC’s Jeana Keough Reveals How Daughter Kara’s Been Coping After The Sudden Death Of Her Newborn

Jeana Keough admitted her daughter Kara has been 'suffering' just over a month after the heartbreaking death of her son McCoy during childbirth and has been reaching out to others for help.

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Jeana Keough
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Jeana Keough, 64, and her family have been dealing with unexpected loss of her daughter Kara Keough‘s son McCoy, who died at childbirth on Apr. 6, and she admitted that they’re all “taking it badly” and “suffering” and trying to find “a new normal.” The Real Housewives of Orange County star talked about her kids, including Kara, when she spoke EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife and revealed that the heartbroken mother has been turning to other mothers who lost kids to get through the difficult time.

“She’s reached out to a lot of friends. She’s reached out to people who’ve lost children,” Jeana EXCLUSIVELY told us. “Morgan Beck, Bode Miller‘s wife, lost a baby, an 18-month-old to a swimming accident. She and Kara were close throughout all of that and Morgan was one of the first to reach out to her this time. And a lot of women that have lost children for different reasons have reached out to her. So that’s been great.”

In addition to Kara, Jeana, who also unexpectedly lost her 64-year-old ex-husband and father of her three children, Matt Keough from a pulmonary embolism, revealed how she’s been dealing with the losses. “You know what to lose a grandchild and an ex husband in less than three weeks — it’s been rough,” she said. Matt, who was known as a professional baseball player who had played for the Oakland Athletics and the New York Yankees, had daughter Kara as well as sons Shane and Colton, with Jeana and appeared on The Real Housewives of Orange County in its earlier seasons when he and Jeana were still married. Shortly after Matt’s death, Kara took to Instagram to post some photos of him along with a heart-wrenching message. “Daddy, please take care of my son,” she wrote. “Teach him the circle changeup and how to find forever friends. You’re on grandpa duty in heaven now. Xoxo, Hammerhead.”