‘RHOC’s Kara Bosworth Shares Heartbreaking Tribute For Newborn Son 1 Month After His Death

Jeana Keough's daughter, Kara Bosworth, mourned the death of her second child in a touching message. The grieving mother imagined all of the milestones little McCoy would've been experiencing as a one-month-old.

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Kara Bosworth’s baby McCoy Casey Bosworth, would’ve turned one month old on May 6. The Real Housewives of Orange County star tragically lost her newborn son (and the grandchild of Jeana Keough, pictured above) to childbirth complications on April 6. A month after the nightmare, the mother chose to remember her second child with a heartfelt message on Instagram. Accompanying this letter was a tender photo of Kara’s husband, former NFL player Kyle Bosworth, with his forehead pressed against their baby boy’s.

“You would have been 1 month old today. Your baby acne would be gearing up. You would be getting the hang of pacifiers, sorting out your days and nights, and figuring out how to focus your eyes without them involuntarily crossing,” Kara began the message. Despite her grief, Kara managed to use lighthearted humor while bringing up McCoy’s older sister, Decker Kate Bosworth, 4. “I would have already bought a complete boy’s wardrobe since Decker’s old clothes weren’t really as unisex as I thought,” Kara joked. “Your dad would be insisting that babies don’t need shoes, but he’d change his mind when he saw the little kicks paired with your chubby cankles.”

Kara also imagined that at one months old, McCoy would’ve been taking his “first naps in the crib” while she’d be “fussing about ‘the schedule.'” Kara’s daughter misses her baby brother just as much. “Decker would want to be holding you all the time, but you’d prefer to be spending your day wrapped around my chest. At least that much is still how it is, my sweet Mack. Decker still wishes she could hold you more,” Kara added later in the message. She concluded the touching note by writing, “And I still wear you on my heart all day. We miss you like crazy, baby.”

Kara and Kyle’s baby suffered a “shoulder dystocia and a compressed umbilical cord” at birth, which the parents revealed in an emotional Instagram post on April 14. This was a “rare” complication, according to  Dr. Daniel Roshan, a top high-risk, maternal-fetal OB-GYN based in New York City who spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.

“Shoulder dystocia means there was difficulty delivering the baby’s shoulder. So what happens is the baby’s head comes out, but when an obstetrician goes to deliver the shoulder, they can’t,” Dr. Roshan explained. “The reason is usually because the baby is too big, the shoulders are too wide, the mother’s pelvis is too small for the baby. The baby’s shoulder gets stuck behind the symphysis pubis, which is the bone right behind where the pubic hair is located.”

“Usually you have five minutes to get the baby out after the head is out,” Dr. Roshan continued to explain. “A baby gets neurological injuries if they’re not getting enough blood flow or oxygen. But if the doctor can’t get the baby out, the baby might already be in distress because the heart rate was dropping, and then the compressed umbilical cord was not pumping blood to the baby. Then if it takes too long to get the baby out and the baby goes through stress and develops acid in the blood, that can cause brain injuries.”

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