‘RHOBH’s Erika Jayne Shares Rare Photo Of Her Cop Son, 28: ‘People Say We Look Alike’

'RHOBH's Erika Jayne is very private about her son Tommy. She shared a rare photo of the handsome L.A.P.D. officer in uniform and says that people claim they look alike.

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Image Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Erika Jayne‘s son Tommy Zizzo, 28, has never appeared on his mom’s show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she has always been extremely private about the handsome L.A.P.D. officer. But the 48-year-old Bravo star just could help be a gushing mom when she shared a photo of Tommy in uniform on the streets of Los Angeles to her Instagram on May 5. He looks so dashing in his dark navy attire with his silver badge glowing in the sun. Even though he has a close-cropped buzz cut, Erika says those that know the mother and son claim they resemble each other.

“People say we look alike. No, you can’t comment,” Erika captioned the photo and she meant business. The RHOBH star disabled the comments so that no one could say otherwise to her. He does have his mother’s eyes in the photo. Tommy is Erika’s son from her mysterious first marriage, before she wed second husband, Thomas Girardi, in 1999. Erika had Tommy when she was just 20-years-old.

It’s rare for Erika to share anything about Tommy.  She did open up about him in 2016 to Bravo’s Daily Dish. “I’m very proud of my son being in law enforcement, but obviously it can get a little nerve-racking. It’s a dangerous profession. I’ve known my son was going to be in law enforcement from the time he could walk and talk. That’s all he’s ever wanted and that’s kind of your role as a parent is to honor who your children really are.”

‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Erika Jayne claims that people tell her that her son Tommy, 28, and LAPD officer, resembles her. On May 5, 2020 she shared a rare pic of her son, which you can see above and decide if they look alike. Photo credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

Erika revealed to the Daily Dish in 2017 that her son lived with her in Beverly Hills. “I actually love having my son there. He’s free security, OK? Free security and he never lets me forget it. But, you know, (Erika’s husband) Tom’s very busy and travels all the time. I travel all the time, and my son is super busy. So it’s nice,” she began.

“We have a really big house, so it’s nice to have him there. And it’s nice; listen, let me be very honest, I worry about my boy as I’m sure everyone whose family member is in law enforcement or in the military [does], OK? It’s nice to hear him come home. It’s nice to hear him come off duty and I can see his car in the driveway or I hear him walk up the steps. To me, I sleep a little better at night just knowing that I know where he is,” Erika added. It’s unclear three years later if Tommy still lives with his mom and step-dad.

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