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‘The Bachelor: LTYH’ Recap: Julia & Brandon Struggle As They Finally Pursue Their Relationship

Things quickly fall apart for Brandon and Julia after they decide to be together on 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.' Plus, one couple says 'I love you' for the first time.

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Six couples remain on the May 4 episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart. This week, the singers face a new test, as they’re each paired up with someone from another couple to test their relationships. The first date goes to Julia and Brandon. At the beginning of the season, Julia and Brandon had a connection, but he chose Savannah over her. Naturally, Savannah, along with Julia’s man, Sheridan, are worried about what will happen on the date. Julia and Brandon visit The Roxy, where they get the chance to write a song together.

At the end of the date, they get to perform the song they wrote, and sparks fly between them. They seal the deal with a kiss, and Julia comes to the conclusion that she wants to be with Brandon. Upon returning to the mansion, Julia immediately grabs Sheridan and tearfully breaks the news to him. Obviously, Sheridan is upset, but without a partner in the house, there’s nothing he can do except leave. The rest of the house is heartbroken to see him go.

Brandon must have a difficult conversation with Savannah, too. He admits to still having feelings for Julia, and Savannah is frustrated that she’s Brandon’s second choice. Brandon tells Savannah that he’s willing to pursue things with her if she can trust him again. Understandably, she’s not able to do so, and after telling him off, she leaves the house. Brandon and Julia decide to move forward together — but, he fails to tell her that, minutes earlier, he was willing to pursue something with Savannah if she didn’t leave.

The other two dates go to Chris and Rudi and Jamie and Ryan. Chris is super solid in his relationship with Bri, and although he and Rudi get along great on their date, there’s no further connection between them. Meanwhile, earlier this season, Jamie and Ryan actually went on a date, but she chose Trevor over him a the rose ceremony. This time, they enjoy a spa day, but it’s admittedly just as friends, as well.

Now, it’s time for the remaining five couples to prepare performances for the celebrity judges: Rachel Lindsay, Bryan Abasolo, Andy Grammer and Toni Braxton. Before everyone takes the stage, though, Natascha stirs up some drama by asking Brandon if he would have stayed with Savannah if she didn’t leave, and he admits that he probably would have. Natascha shares this news with Julia, and Julia is pissed that Natascha chose the time right before her performance to make this revelation. Brandon half-heartedly tries to talk Julia out of worrying, but she’s noticeably distracted before taking the stage.

Rudi and Matt are up first. They perform “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton, and the judge compliment their vocal ability, as well as their chemistry, both during and after the performance. Jamie and Trevor take the stage next, and she’s admittedly very nervous. They sing “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. Andy and Toni admit that they noticed Jamie’s nerves, and that it affected her singing a bit, while Rachel lets Trevor know that she wishes he was as passionate as Jamie was throughout the performance. Next, Chris and Bri perform “Lover” by Taylor Swift. It’s no secret that they have an intense connection, and the judges are FEELING it. They shower Chris and Bri with praise for the stunning performance, and afterward, Bri tells Chris that she loves him for the first time. Backstage, he reciprocates.

Obviously, this will be a tough act to follow, but Julia and Brandon also have their personal drama weighing on them as they take the stage to sing “We Belong” by Pat Benatar. Rachel admits that she felt Julia and Brandon’s connection was “disjointed,” and Toni reveals that she noticed tension between them. The final couple to perform is Natascha and Ryan, who sing “You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne. The judges praise their vocals, as well as how they commanded the stage and connected with one another.

Afterward, Julia accuses Natascha of being “vindictive and dirty” for choosing to tell her what she knew about Brandon and Savannah right before the performances. Natascha apologizes, but is annoyed that Julia is taking the high of this exciting night away from everyone else in the house just because she’s not happy.

The judges must decide on one couple to eliminate. At the rose ceremony, the first couple to be called safe is Chris and Bri, followed by Matt and Rudi, Natascha and Ryan and Jamie and Trevor. This means that Julia and Brandon are eliminated and going home. The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart continues on Monday, May 11 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.