‘The Bachelor: LTYH’ Recap: Celeb Judges Eliminate 1 Couple With Lack Of A Romantic Connection

The couples sing for celebrity judges for the first time during the April 27 episode of 'The Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart,' but not every performance hits the mark -- and one pair is sent home.

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Image Credit: ABC

It’s a new week on the April 27 episode of The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart. This week, the couples learn that they’ll be performing for special guests (JoJo Fletcher, Jordan Rodgers, Kesha and Jason Mraz). They’ll be judged on their connection AND musical performance, with the judges deciding who continues on in the competition. Chris Harrison lets the remaining singers know that no more contestants will be coming into the house, and that the next time he sees everyone, he only wants solid couples who are really interested in pursuing each other, left.

First, some things need to be hashed out. Julia is confused as to why Brandon chose Savannah at the rose ceremony, despite telling Julia he wanted to be with her beforehand. Brandon explains that he knew Julia was going to get a rose from Sheridan, who’s super into her, so he wanted to give them both the chance to explore all options as the show continued. However, he assures her that, even though he chose Savannah, he still wants to pursue their relationship. Julia brings this  up to the girls, and Savannah admits that she was completely in the dark about how strongly Brandon was feeling about Julia. Naturally, she begins to rethink her relationship with Brandon.

Meanwhile, Gabe, who chose Ruby at the rose ceremony, is interested in pursuing something with Savannah, and doesn’t see a potential future with anyone else in the house. This puts Savannah in a tough position, but she tearfully lets Gabe know that she doesn’t want to be with him. This means Gabe is ready to go home, so he breaks the news to Ruby, and they both exit the house.

Savannah is in tears, as she’s worried she’ll now be going home due to Brandon’s connection with Julia. She confronts him with what Julia told her, and he apologizes for not conveying his real feelings earlier. Brandon reveals that he wants to move forward with Savannah, and she agrees, so long as he promises to be genuine throughout the journey. Now, it’s Julia who’s upset, but she promises Sheridan that she’s ready to move forward with him.

So, seven couples are continuing the journey: Savannah/Brandon, Julia/Sheridan, Bri/Chris, Jamie/Trevor, Matt/Rudi, Danny/Bekah and Ryan/Natascha. Now, it’s time to rehearse for their big performances. Julia is noticeably distracted while practicing with Sheridan. She’s admittedly missing Brandon and not able to pour herself fully into Sheridan. It doesn’t help that Brandon and Savannah are packing on the PDA right in front of her. She’s convinced that they’re both being fake, and it brings her to tears. Julia pulls Savannah aside to talk and accuses her of being “disingenuous.” It leads to clear tension between them, and Savannah calls Julia “catty and insecure” in her confessional.

Before the performances, it’s time for some dates. First up, Danny and Bekah get a shopping spree with a stylist, which culminates in a sexy photo shoot, where their chemistry is off the charts. However, she’s admittedly hesitant about moving so quickly with him. Then, Natascha and Ryan meet Chris Lane and his wife, The Bachelor alum, Lauren Bushnell. They get to perform onstage with Chris at his sold-out show, and are infinitely more confident in their relationship afterward.

Finally, it’s time to hit the stage. Up first is Matt and Rudi, with a rendition of Shawn Mendes’ “Falling All In You.” The judges agree that it’s a solid performance, and that if Matt and Rudi continue, the chemistry will increase, as well. Chris and Bri, who are arguably the most solid couple in the house, take the stage to sing “Beyond” by Leon Bridges next. The judges rave over the “beautiful” performance, and can’t get enough of how Chris never once takes his eyes off of Bri the entire time.

Next up is Bekah and Danny, with a rendition of “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers. At the end, Danny tries to go in for an extra kiss, and Bekah holds back a little. The judges get the vibe that the two are more “just friends,” rather than a couple. Savannah and Brandon are up next. They sing Cheap Trick’s “I Want You To Want Me,” and the judges admit that the performance was “missing something” in terms of chemistry.

This is validating for Julia, who takes the stage next to perform “As Long As You Love Me” by the Backstreet Boys with Sheridan. The judges note that they recognize a sense of comfort and connection between Julia and Sheridan, and the performance gets rave reviews. The next couple to perform is Natascha and Ryan, who sing “Stay” by Rihanna. The performance is super sexy and flirty, and the judges validate the talent AND chemistry between Natascha and Ryan

Jamie and Trevor are last to perform, but Jamie is battling major nerves before they hit the stage. However, she pulls it together for their performance of Maren Morris’ “I Could Use A Love Song.” They judges love the vulnerability that Jamie and Trevor showed, and agree that it was “beautiful to watch.”

At the rose ceremony, the judges’ decision is revealed, and one couple is eliminated. The couples receive roses in the following order: Jamie/Trevor, Natascha/Ryan, Matt/Rudi, Bri/Chris, Julia/Sheridan and Savannah/Brandon. Unfortunately, that means Danny and Bekah are sent home.