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Lil Wayne’s Ex Toya Wright Reveals How He Helped Their Daughter Reginae Cope With Her Split From YFN Lucci

Lil Wayne and his ex Toya Wright are on the same page when it comes to their daughter Reginae Carter.

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Lil Wayne Ex Toya Wright On Daughter Reginae Cope's Split From YFN Lucci
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Antonia “Toya” Wright, 36, has nothing but praise for her ex Lil Wayne, 37, and his skills as a father. The star of VH1’s T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that the rapper is always there for their daughter Reginae Carter, 21, and is “an excellent father.” Case in point — when Reginae started having doubts about the loyalty of her now ex-boyfriend, rapper YFN Lucci, her dad didn’t hesitate to give her a reality check.

Toya told HL that when Lil Wayne gives his daughter advice he doesn’t sugar coat the truth. “The good part about it is that her dad always keeps it real, and lets her know what’s going on. We all try to instill good qualities and teach our kids good values. But of course, as they get older they tend to take their own path and we just pray that they stay true to the good qualities that we instilled within them. And Reginae definitely makes us proud. She’s independent. She’s strong. She’s smart, and she’s not a fool. She was young and in love, and she learned, so that’s a blessing.”

Reginae and YFN Lucci dated on and off for several years but split for good in August 2019. Although Reginae has yet to meet her perfect match she does get plenty of love and support from her famous father. “Reginae and Wayne’s relationship is really close and it always has been. And as she gets older their relationship gets better and better. They’re really tight,” Toya told HL.

On Monday’s episode of Friends & Family Hustle Reginae addressed her break-up with YFN Lucci and shared some advice her dad gave her about the split. “To hear my daddy tell me that Lucci, he loves you probably, but he’s not in love with you because of the actions and the things that he’s doing,” she revealed.

The super close father daughter duo have perviously worked together on music and Toya told HL that they might get back in the studio again soon. “They did a song together on his last album. And he has an idea for her to do another project with him. I think her real passion is in acting though. Personally I think she’s really good at it. She can do both, but acting is definitely more of a passion for her it’s something she enjoys a little bit more.

“I think this studio sessions and the songs with her dad are just something that they can bond over because he loves being in the studio, and he loves producing and he loves recording. So I think it’s just father and daughter bonding time, something that they can come together and do and have fun with. I don’t really know about what their future plans are though, about putting music out together.”

Reginae has been putting her love of acting on display recently with hilarious TikTok videos and according to Toya she’s been using the social media platform to keep her skills sharp. “She’s done a few movies, a few Lifetime movies and stuff like that. So hopefully coming out of quarantine she will have some bigger roles.  Before all this [COVID19 isolation] she was practicing with her acting coach once a week. So now she’s using TikTok as a tool to help her work on her skills.”

Catch more of Reginae and Toya, and the rest of the cast, on the newest season of Friends & Family Hustle, Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on VH1.