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Zonnique Pullins Reveals Dad T.I. Is ‘Overprotective’ Of Her & Sister Deyjah

VH1’s ‘T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle’ is back on the air and Zonnique Pullins opened up to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about how 'overprotective' T.I. is with her and her sisters.

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T.I. Overprotective Zonnique Pullins Interview
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T.I. is famously protective of his girls, and his stepdaughter Zonnique Pullins, 24, told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that she expects him to be even more of a helicopter parent with his youngest daughter Heiress, 4. “Now that I’m a little older it’s gotten a little better for me. But he is definitely super overprotective. I just hope that Heiress doesn’t get it is as bad as me and Deyjah. I always think that, like Heiress is going to have it the worst.”

Zonnique, who is about to drop two new singles, revealed to HL that T.I. has a double standard when it comes to rules for his sons and daughters. “Since we were all younger he’s always been super protective over the girls. And it always seemed like the boys could just do whatever,” she told HL. “My mom [Tameka “Tiny” Harris] will always argue, like, you don’t care that the boys go on dates, you let their girlfriends come over. You know we meet their girlfriends, it’s all cool it’s like a regular thing. But you know, if I’m in a relationship and I bring my boyfriend over, the whole family has to talk to him. He has to go outside with pops and have these hour long conversations.”

Zonnique is currently dating rapper Bandhunata Izzy, and although the relationship is “serious” she told HL that T.I. still keeps a close eye on him. “You know, this relationship is my most serious relationship, like I actually live with my boyfriend now and stuff like that. And both my parents actually seem to really like my boyfriend. But pops still pretty much does the same thing. He still has to take him outside to talk for an hour or whatever. But I feel like my boyfriend now is kind of like his match. I feel like he sees a lot of his younger self in my boyfriend. So, even though he likes him, like he’s kind of always watching him with the side eye.”

Although it sounds like it would make for some great T.V. it’s not likely that fans of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle will get to see Zonnique’s boyfriend face off with T.I. on the show. “My boyfriend is a rapper, he’s an artist, so he doesn’t want to come on our show and seem like he’s trying to catch some type of fame from it,” she explained to HL. “He never comes with me if I have to film. So you probably won’t see him, honestly it’s like pulling teeth to try and get him to come be on the show with me. But I actually like that as well. My last boyfriend didn’t mind being on the show at all, and I was like okay. But now my boyfriend’s like ‘I don’t want anyone to think I’m trying to get clout off you.'”

Instead of focusing on her romantic life this season, Zonnique will give fans an inside look at how she’s building her music career. “In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be putting out two of my singles that are going to be lined up around the show. Because this season you’re going to be seeing me getting my second project together and kind of revamping myself as an artist because it’s been a long time since I really dropped music. So you will definitely see a lot of the creative part of it on this season.  And after quarantine I will be getting out there shooting some videos.”

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