At Home With Asher Angel: ‘All Day’ Singer & ‘Shazam’ Star Reveals How’s He Staying Fit During Isolation

Keeping busy while social distancing? For Asher Angel, that's 'all day,' every day. The 'Andi Mack' star just dropped a new single, and he shares EXCLUSIVELY with us how he's making the best of quarantine.

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For fans of Asher Angel, they recently got a cure for the “self-quarantine, social-isolation, novel coronavirus blues.” The 17-year-old star of Andi Mack and Shazam! continued his ascent to music superstardom by releasing “All Day.” It’s a slice of sweet, bouncy pop with a splash of R&B, one to lift fans’ spirits while they make it through their days of self-isolating (as part of efforts to curb the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.) “All day, all day, all day /  I think about you / I feel some type of way when I ain’t around you,” Asher sings, delivering the romantic track that will be on the playlist one lovesick sweetheart sends to their crush. “You drive me crazy, it’s a curse that I found you / Cause all day, all day, all day / I think about you.”

“I am so excited to release ‘All Day’ – especially considering what is happening around the country right now,” sais Asher in a statement regarding his new track. “All Day” was written by Arizona Zervas, the rapper-singer whose “Roxanne” has been racking up millions of streams since its 2019 release. “I hope that ‘All Day’ provides the same rush of joy and fun that it gives to me. A distraction from life’s current events. And the chance to collaborate with Arizona is just sublime.”

“All Day” follows “Chills,” his first release of 2020 (and, technically, of the decade.) The track also signaled a change in sound for the young entertainer. “I think it’s new and different. I’m totally evolved. You can definitely see the growth from [2019’s] ‘One Thought Away’ into ‘Chills.’ It’s like a completely different person singing, so I think I’m finding my voice,” he told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “I think it’s basically, really through the songwriting process, sitting down with my guitar and just having my little notebook and putting lyrics on that and just my own life experiences.”

Asher Angel

Speaking of his guitar, Asher lists it as one of his “essentials” during the quarantine. He also tells HollywoodLife who he’s blasting during quarantine, how he’s keeping fit, and what disease-filled post-apocalyptic drama he’s watching to keep his mind off the current landscape.

What are you binge-watching?

Currently, I’m binge-watching and enjoying The Walking Dead.

What are you doing to work out or stay fit at home?

My Dad and I are doing P90x and running.

What are you at home quarantine essentials/ what did you stock up on?

My guitar and piano for sure.

What’s on your Quarantine playlist?

These days rocking out to The Weekend, Justin Bieber, Roddy Ricch, Dua Lipa, and so many more.

All Day” is out now.