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Asher Angel Reveals How His Sound Has ‘Evolved Organically’ After Releasing ‘Chills’

Asher Angel’s new song ‘Chills’ is an obvious hit, but also is a departure from his other music! The singer/actor reveals how his sound has evolved in the last few years!

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Asher Angel
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Asher Angel’s song “Chills” was an instant fan-favorite, and he admitted to in an EXCLUSIVE interview that the song was easily about his girlfriend Annie. So sweet! The former Disney star also spoke to HL about how his voice and sound has evolved since his last release. “I think it’s new and different. I’m totally evolved. You can definitely see the growth from ‘One Thought Away’ into ‘Chills.’ It’s like a completely different person singing, so I think I’m finding my voice,” he explained. “I’m finding my lane, which is super exciting for me because I get to work with all these different people from Diane Warren to the Hitmaker… I’m finding my lane, which is super exciting for me because I get to work with all these different people.”

He continued, “I think it just happened organically for me. I think it’s basically, really through the songwriting process, sitting down with my guitar and just having my little notebook and putting lyrics on that and just my own life experiences.” Asher admitted that “Chills” immediately connection with him because he’s “young and a teenager, and you tend to fall in love and find a special person in your life that you deeply care about.” “I think that’s the main reason most of the songs that I’m writing, or co-writing, are talking about love,” he said, referring to his girlfriend Annie. “The last time I had a girlfriend was when I was 11! So this is a new thing that’s exciting… I feel like it’s a very important period in my life.”

In addition to his new music, Asher also spoke about the upcoming second installment of the hit Shazam!, in which he stars alongside Zachary Levi. “I think they’re aiming for 2022!” He revealed. “I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to be back on set with the Shazam fam. We’ll probably pick up right where we left off. I’m so excited.”

Asher also teased the arch of his character in upcoming film, saying, “In the first movie he had his super powers and has his family and he’s happy. Through most of the first movie, I played this sad and unhappy kid that just wanted to do whatever he wants. So, I feel like I’m playing a completely different character.”