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Jesse McCartney Reveals His Next Album Will Be His ‘Most Personal’ Yet & It’s Because He’s In Love

Love can change things, & for Jesse McCartney it's gotten him to an even more creative place! The singer spoke to HL about his upcoming album.

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Jesse McCartney‘s music has always been lyrically honest and catchy, but the singer is promising some of his most honest and creative work on his upcoming album. “It’s hard not to be creatively stimulated when you know, you’re when you’re in love,” the singer smiled and laughed while chatting on the HollywoodLife podcast. Jesse revealed that he’s found himself more inspired than ever since falling in love with his now-fiancé, Katie Peterson. “It’s a good place to be and it makes you very just free up all of your creative juices. Making this album was definitely the most personal and some of my best writing, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don’t have to worry about who’s going to be in my life.”

Jesse announced his engagement to his longtime girlfriend on September 14, and revealed they plan to get married next spring. “She’s definitely been my muse for a lot of this album,” he gushed. For his most recent release, “Yours,” Katie was the central figure in the music video. “The main line in the song is ‘I’ve been a lot of different things to different people, but my favorite thing to be is yours,’ and coming to the realization that this new role of being somebody’s somebody is now now my new favorite role,” Jesse explained. “It was like a fresh to me a fresh spin on a love song. It’s very heartfelt, and vulnerable and romantic. It checks all the boxes!”

While Katie is certainly Jesse’s muse for his music, he also admitted that his journey from a teenage pop sensation to a comfortable and grounded successful artist is inspiring him. “In my 20s, I think I had a lot of anxiety just about what where I was going to be and what this was going to become and how my past was going to affect my future. And eventually, I just kind of let it all go,” he explained. “I don’t know if there was one pivotal moment really,  I just realized I need to look around and just be so thankful for everything that I have right now.”

We can’t wait to hear more of Jesse McCartney’s music in this new stage of his career! In the meantime, be sure to stream ‘Yours’ and watch the music video. Listen to our full interview with Jesse on the HollywoodLife podcast!