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Chris Harrison Reveals Why Bachelor Nation Fans Will Fall In Love With ‘Listen To Your Heart’

The latest installment in the Bachelor franchise, 'Listen To Your Heart,' premieres on April 13, and we caught up with host, Chris Harrison, about why it'll be the next fan-favorite show.

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Chris Harrison is back to host the newest Bachelor Nation show, The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart, which premieres on April 13 on ABC. The show combines music and love, with musicians hoping to find a real-life connection through music. “It has a similar feel to Bachelor in Paradise, and there will be rose ceremonies, and we are leaning into the relationships first — that is the most important thing,” Chris explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “The music will come. There is always that musical backdrop behind the scenes, but it is really about finding love and a strong relationship.”

In previews for the show, viewers have seen contestants duetting on some of the most romantic love songs onstage, with celebrity judges and former Bachelor Nation stars weighing in on their chemistry. Chris said that will come later on, but the show will start with the foundation of what The Bachelor franchise is all about. “First, it is just a simple rose ceremony, like in Paradise — there are going to be women handing out roses to men, and then men will have to hand out roses to the women,” Chris revealed. “And once you have those established, then you’ll get to the performances.”

If any Bachelor Nation fans are skeptical about whether or not this installment will be their cup of tea, Chris assured us that viewers will fall in love with the new series. “Bachelor fans are going to love that there is a beautiful familiarity to the show,” Chris said. “We are in a different mansion and it’s a different concept, but it still feels familiar. But, at the same time, there is this eccentric and exciting fresh twist to it that I think people will also enjoy.”

He also teased that the unknown will keep people coming back for more. “If you are a huge fan of The Bachelor, you like watching, but you know the steps,” he explained. “You know the dates, and the group dates, and the hometowns. We know where the show is leading. It’s now we get there that’s exciting. Here, we really don’t know where it’s going, because no one’s ever seen it before!”

The Bachelor: Presents Listen To Your Heart was previously filmed. The show will air for six weeks on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC, beginning with the two-hour premiere on April 13.