Brad Pitt Gets Misty Helping Property Brothers Renovate His Makeup Artist’s Home In ‘Celebrity IOU’

Brad Pitt wore his emotions on his sleeve when he helped the Property Brothers renovate his beloved makeup artist's guest house. He got teary-eyed while 'giving the gift of home.'

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Brad Pitt
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Brad Pitt has always loved architecture and building things. Now he’s rolling up his sleeves and helping renovate a home for a close friend. The 56-year-old hunk appears on the debut episode of the Property Brothers‘ new show HGTV show, Celebrity IOU premiering Apr. 13 at 9pm ET/PT. Brad wanted to help give his beloved makeup artist Jean Black a guest home, so he used his architectural skills to help pick out a design to convert her Santa Monica, CA stand-alone garage into a gorgeous guest house that also features her very own makeup studio.

Brad is seen in a preview clip with Jonathan and Drew Scott, both 41, as Jonathan narrates how proud they are to join Brad as he “gives the gift of home to a very special person in his life.” Brad is seen with a sledgehammer helping knock down the old structure alongside the Property Brothers. He’s wearing a tan t-shirt over a long-sleeve white shirt for the renovation. He has on goggles to protect his eyes, and is wearing his trademark newsboy cap.

Then the new guest house is shown with its stunning interior. It features a guest suite including a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, as well as a make-up studio for Jean. In the preview, Brad walks Jean into the new structure and she is absolutely floored by how gorgeous it is. She’s then seen hugging Brad and telling him “I love you,” which caused the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star to get misty eyed and tear up. On the show, Brad says of Jean, “She’s family, we’re like brother and sister. She’s been that person I value so much in my life.” The two have worked together since the 1990’s on over 40 films.

Jean went away for three weeks so that Brad, Drew, Jonathan and their crew could turn her “dump” of a garage into a blissful and beautiful guest home. “It was such a s**t box, this is amazing. It’s fantastic. I’ve been waiting so long to see something happen to this dump,” Brad says during the show. Jean was so appreciative, gushing, “I’m really just so flabbergasted. It’s really very moving and I just so appreciate it.” She added, “‘I know Brad’s generosity, it’s huge. But for him to do this, it’s really more than I ever thought could happen. I am so touched by this, I could really not thank you enough.”

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