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Brad Pitt Kept It ‘Real’ & Had No Ego On ‘Once Upon A Time’ Set, Says Stunt Coordinator Zoe Bell

Brad Pitt's 'OUATIH' stunt coordinator Zoe Bell says he's just as hilarious in person as he has been during awards season. She says he just keeps it real and laid back, just like his character in the film.

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Zoe Bell is a Hollywood veteran when it comes to stunt work. She’s worked with director Quentin Tarantino on a number of his films, and he made her his stunt coordinator for his ninth picture, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. That meant the 41-year-old got to work closely with Brad Pitt — who plays stunt double Cliff Booth in the film. She told EXCLUSIVELY that he’s just as funny as he has been while picking up awards all season and cracking up audiences with his joke filled acceptance speeches.

“He’s hilarious. Just good comic timing. And I think, I feel like he’s just got a healthy cynicism about what it is to be human. That kind of just, it keeps everything a little bit real. Which you can’t always expect it in this business. But it’s definitely always a pleasant relief when you stumble across it, ” Zoe explained to us when we caught up with her at the fourth annual Kodak Film Awards on Jan. 29.

“It was amazing. I really enjoyed my time with him. Out of the whole cast he was the one that we worked most closely with. And [his story] was most important to me, having been a stunt double for so long. It was like, the authenticity of him and how that story was told and the relationship was. I mean I only had so much to do with it, but it was an important piece to me and I was stoked to be a part of it,” she continued.

“And he was just so willing and open, and he had no bravado about it. He certainly had no like,’ I have to do all my own stunts.’ I mean, he ended up doing that fight. It was him and Mike doing the fight the whole time. So he was willing to get to the place where he was comfortable. But he had no ego about having to do it all himself, which I just thought was like awesome. And you know, sort of new age and real in a way that’s just very humble,” she described the 56-year-old star.

Quentin Tarantino and Brad Pitt
Director Quentin Tarantino works with Brad Pitt on the set of ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.’ Photo credit: Shutterstock

“I mean, if I’m going to play a role and I had been a stunt woman, if there’s someone out there that’s better at it than I am, then I want my character to look as bad ass as possible. So let’s pull in all the experts to make this character as full and amazing as possible. And that was very much Brad’s attitude. He was just really relaxed and open-minded. It was just an easy, pleasant, fulfilling experience in that way. Which is, you know, it could have been quite different,” Zoe revealed.