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Eva Longoria, 45, Shows Off Her Toned Abs 21 Months After Giving Birth To Son — Video

Holy ripped abs! Eva Longoria showed off her incredibly fit torso while working out during isolation in her garage. She's even more toned now than before she gave birth to son Santiago in 2018.

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For many Americans, with gyms closed and being in isolation means many people have turned their home garages into their own personal workout centers. Actress/producer Eva Longoria is no different. The 45-year-old pulled all of her cars out into her driveway and set up TRX bands along one of the side-beams. Self-quarantine seems to have her body in the best shape of her life, as Eva was wearing a sports-bra and Reebok by pal Victoria Beckham leggings, which showed off her incredible toned abs. Her obliques are insane, and she’s nearly got a six-pack going. Her torso is even tighter now than before she gave birth to her son Santiago in June of 2018. “It’s Friday y’all!! Gettin’ it in!” she captioned the video. 

Eva shared the workout video to her Instagram on Apr. 10. She started with pull-ups from a squat position, which totally engaged her core. Then she used the bands to stabilize her as she did jump squats. She would start in standing center position and jump out sideways with her legs dipping down to a squatting position then back up again, so it was really strong cardio.

Next up she was on the ground on a yoga mat. She was in a plank position with the TRX banks around her feet. She moved her legs open and closed in a horizontal motion to engage her core, legs and derriere. During her workout, small hand weights, stretching bands, more mats and other exercise items could be seen around her, as well as a pink plastic water bottle. With as an intense a workout that Eva created for herself, hydrating had to be really important. At the very end she posted a picture holding a medicine ball and wrote “all done.” But she actually wasn’t thanks to the newest online workout challenge which came next.

Her pal Mario Lopez, 46, started the “Plank that Song!” challenge while on Ellen DeGegeneres‘ daytime talk show recently. Ideally, one is supposed to hold in plank while singing a song, but in Mario’s case he did the first half of LL Cool J‘s “I Need Love.” He then challenged Eva to finish the song in plank, which she did admirably…and AFTER she finished her grueling workout. She captioned the video, “Hello @mariolopez I have accepted your challenge from @theellenshow and finished the song “I Need Love” by @llcoolj which you stole from me! I now challenge my brother @amaurynolasco.” He’s a pretty fit guy so that shouldn’t be a problem. Hey, with everyone in isolation, now is the time to really get in shape!