At Home With Bella Thorne: How She Makes Exercising A ‘Family Affair’ During Quarantine

Actress & singer Bella Thorne has been cooped up during the COVID-19 quarantine with her family but that's not stopping her from staying in shape!

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Hot off the heels of her appearance on Fox’s hit show The Masked SingerBella Thorne, 22, has been forced to change up her day to day life due to the Coronavirus, but she’s spending it with family and not letting it disrupt anyone’s fitness regimen. After all, the young entrepreneur probably never thought she’d be stuck inside for what could potentially be weeks on end like the rest of the world as the Coronavirus has many cities, including her current hometown of Los Angeles, faced with stay at home orders. Luckily for the fresh faced beauty, she’s found her stride during this time. From posting gorgeous selfies to her Instagram to her must have quarantine essentials, HollywoodLife caught up with Bella from the comfort of her home on April 5 EXCLUSIVELY and she let us know just how she’s keeping sane during these hard times!

What are you binge watching? The Sinner, The Outsider — Shout out to Jason Bateman, his incredible acting , producing and directing. He is flawless in both comedy and drama. Atlanta, with Donald Glover. The writing done by both Donald and his brother, Stephen gives us a beautiful and realistic view of the music industry that we rarely see.

What are you doing to workout or stay fit at home? Yoga, some weight training, and a bit of boxing. It’s a family affair at the moment!


What are you at home quarantine essentials/what did you stock up on? Rice, black beans, pasta, fruit for my smoothies, veggies and some protein.

What’s on your Quarantine playlist? For starters, I’m listening to my sister Dani’s new music! I have an eclectic mix of 70’s and 80’s, rap, EDM, and some Indie artists.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned during this time and who are you spending it with?  The biggest lesson I learned is how to properly wash your hands!!! I mean, the art of washing is so underrated. Who knew that you should sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to make sure you spent enough time doing so! I’ve taken the whole stay at home very seriously. My sister and I have not left the house at all. My mom is over a lot so we take extra precaution as she has an immune issue. My brother and pops are in sometimes, too. He is practicing the ‘safer at home’ diligently. My dogs have me all the time. They are happy.

Bella has also been practicing the act of kindness during what is a very hard time for everyone worldwide. Sources share EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife that the homeowner has told her tenants not to worry about paying rent in April as the affects of COVID19 continue to shake out. “Bella felt so awful for her tenants that she actually didn’t make them pay her rent this month and told them not to even worry about it,” our source shared. “Bella is really thoughtful and kind like that. She just felt wrong about charging them during these really unfair times. She’s hunkered down at home herself with her mom and just put herself in someone else’s shoes. Her tenants were so thankful and grateful to her thoughtfulness.”