DJ D-Nice Reveals Relationship Status With Halle Berry After They Spark Romance Rumors

Is #BerryNice happening? DJ D-Nice finally reacted to rumors that he's dating Halle Berry after they were caught flirting on Instagram Live during his virtual 'club quarantine.' We don't know about you, but we're totally shipping these two!

D-Nice & Halle Berry
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Halle Berry and D-Nice are the couple we didn’t know we needed! But sadly, they’re not a couple, the DJ, 49, confirmed in a new interview on April 2. However, it seems like D-Nice is open to a virtual date with the Bruised actress, 53, amid quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“No Zoom dates,” he told People on April 3, when he was asked about flirting with Halle. “I’m not that fortunate yet. Hopefully one day,” he admitted, explaining that things are just amicable between them right now. “You know what, we were just having fun. Halle is my friend, and we were just having fun with it, like, it could be light flirting, but nothing serious. We really are just having fun with it.”

While D-Nice has a laundry list of fans, including celebrities, even he was surprised to see the hashtag #BerryNice trending on social media. “First of all, the fact that ‘#BerryNice’ was trending at No. 4 on Twitter is just like, what world world do we living in right now. ‘Berry-Nice’ — I love it!” he admitted, calling Halle “a sweetheart.”

Fans began shipping Halle and D-Nice when she joined his quarantine “couch party” on Instagram Live on March 25 — along with other celebs including Oprah and Amy Schumer. She jammed out, sipped wine and eventually began requesting songs, which D-Nice would go on to play. Halle then dropped a few flirty comments, letting the DJ know how much she appreciated him. Fans who joined the livestream claimed that D-Nice was grinning while Halle posted her comments. The interaction led to the viral hashtag, #BerryNice, along with plenty of fans shipping the two as a couple.

“It was one of my favorite sets,” D-Nice told People of his “club quarantine” virtual party. “Because normally when I’m DJ-ing, I’m paying attention to body language and I’m watching you dance. So, if you’re not feeling it, you could potentially dictate the direction I’m going in. Being that there was no one here and I can’t see a soul, I just played from my heart,” he explained. “And, the fact that I played from my heart and it hit people, is like this is what I should’ve been doing for the longest. I should’ve been playing that way and giving people 100 percent of who I am.”

D-Nice plans to continue hosting club quarantine while in self-isolation. But, once the pandemic is over, he’s taking his virtual club out on the road.

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