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Mama June’s Daughter Anna Reveals The One Procedure She Still Wants After $47K Plastic Surgery Makeover

Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell loves her new look after getting a breast augmentation and veneers. But there’s one more thing about her body that she wants to change.

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Anna Cardwell
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Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell wants to get rid of her “love handles.” That’s what the 25-year-old mom-of-two tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, weeks after getting a stunning $47,450 full body makeover. Mama June’s eldest child wowed fans in March when she revealed she’d undergone a glamorous transformation, getting breast implants, teeth veneers and ice blonde highlights. But, while Anna is loving her new look, she admits that in a couple of years she really wants to get liposuction to tighten up her tummy.

“I would do just a little bit of lipo around my stomach area – my little love handles – just to get them in a little bit,” Anna says. Part of the reason she’s not rushing to get the procedure done is that she thinks her boyfriend, Eldridge Toney, is against the idea. “My boyfriend might not want me to get rid of my love handles. He loves my love handles,” she says, before adding, “I want to look nice. I want to be able to pull my pants up and not have [any] issues.”

Right now Anna is elated with her look. Last month she and her younger sister Jessica Shannon, 23, revealed that they’d secretly flown from their home in Georgia to Beverly Hills, California to undergo a $120,000 cosmetic makeover. Just like their mom, who stunned Mama June: From Not To Hot fans with her 2017 plastic surgery transformation, they both got their teeth fixed and had their hair highlighted. Jessica (aka Chubbs) got liposuction, a tummy tuck and had weight loss surgery. Meanwhile Anna – who has two daughters, Kylee, 4, and Kaitlyn, 7 – got breast implants and a lift.

Anna Cardwell, Jessica Shannon
Sisters Jessica Shannon and Anna Cardwell (left in right photo) show off their full body makeovers. (MEGA)
Mama June
Jessica and Anna’s mother, Mama June, showed off her own full body makeover in 2017 (right). (Shutterstock/Courtesy of WE tv)

“I wanted to have everything up,” she says about wanting the augmentation after “gravity” took effect following the birth of her little girls. Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Michael K. Obeng fulfilled her wish, using 500cc allergen implants to take her from a B to a D cup, and lifting her breasts along the way. “I was jealous of how some people looked,” Anna confesses about her past insecurity. “I was like, ‘I want that.’ Now, I finally got it.” Admitting that she loves the way that they look, especially the “top cleavage,” she adds, “Now I’ll go out wearing no bra. That’s the best part about having this thing.”

Eldridge loves Anna’s breast implants too, but he especially likes her new veneers, which fixed her “crooked” and cigarette stained teeth. “I didn’t mind smiling, because my teeth were, at the top, straight. But I didn’t like showing my bottom ones a lot…because they were yellow.” After teeth bleaching and whitening toothpaste failed to help, Anna longed for a “pearly white,” straight smile, “like all these nice little celebrities.” These days she loves how bright and fresh they look.

“I can’t stop smiling now,” she says. “My best friend, I smile at her all the time on the phone. I show them off in pictures.” As for Eldridge, he’s always encouraging her to brush her teeth. “He’s making sure I’m keeping up with everything,” Anna says, “[He] don’t want nothing to get messed up, because he loves them.”