‘The Masked Singer’ Recap: A 3-Time Super Bowl Champion Is Revealed As The White Tiger

The Super 9 took the stage for one epic episode of 'The Masked Singer.' After game-changing performances, the White Tiger was eliminated and unmasked.

Rob Gronkowski
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It’s time for the Super 9! Groups A, B, and C will be taking the stage and one masked singer will be eliminated by the end of the episode. Group A consists of Kangaroo, White Tiger, and Turtle. Together, they have a total of 15.4 Instagram followers. Group B includes the Kitty, Frog, and Banana. They have all been interviewed by Oprah. Group C consists of Night Angel, Astronaut, and Rhino. They have a total of 7 Grammy nominations combined.

The Turtle is up first. He’s “hardcore about being the best at everything,” but he admits that he’s “not a danger.” This week, the masked singers have to reveal a super clueThe Turtle says this is “not another teen clue” and holds up a graphic novel. He sings Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love.” But the clues aren’t over. The masked singers have to reveal something they’re not. “I’m not known for just one thing,” the Turtle says. The guesses include Drew Lachey, Brian Litrell, Nick Lachey, and Chris Evans.

The Kangaroo is up next. She has come on The Masked Singer to “show my strength” after being “vilified” by rumors. She was “put through hell this past year” and this performance is her response. Her super clue is a mini kangaroo. “Alright, dolls. Do you know who I am?” she asks. The Kangaroo performs “Not Ready To Make Nice” by Dixie Chicks. She shows her nerves a bit in this performance. Her final clue, “I may be a kangaroo, but I’ve never lived in Australia.” The guesses for the Kangaroo are Amber Rose, Leann Rimes, and India.Arie.

The final performance of Group A is the White Tiger. He admits that, before this show, he had never sung in front of a crowd. He didn’t even know what an 8-count was. His super clue is him doing the floss and taking a fake basketball shot. He performs a ridiculous version of “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. At least he’s having fun. His final clue is that he wrote a best-selling book. The guesses include J.J. Watt, Rob Gronkowski, and Joe Manganiello. The Group A masked singer going to the bottom 3 is the White Tiger.

Now it’s time for Group B to take the stage. The Kitty graces us with her presence. She confesses that she has “struggled” with her self-image in the past. She admits that she saw “darkness and ugliness when I looked in the mirror.” Her super clue is that she believes that Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. The Tree, a.k.a. Ana Gasteyer, joins her! She slays Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.” Her final clue is that Robert Redford helped her get her very first role. The guesses for the Kitty are Nicole Richie, Vanessa Hudgens, Emma Roberts, and Avril Lavigne.

The Banana is the next Group B performance. He reveals that a “traumatic injury” from his past made him forget the lyrics to his second performance. His super clue is that he once had a mullet! He brings the country with his performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama.” He leaves the panelists with, “Blue-collar has many, many meanings.” He also says that he’s not a stand-up comedian. Bret Michaels, Brad Paisley, and Billy Ray Cyrus are the top guesses.

The Frog is one of the most highly-anticipated performance and he kills it. But first, he reveals that he’s been “concerned” about his image for years. The Masked Singer has allowed him to be the “same guy” on stage as he is with his family. His super clue is a knight in shining armor. He wows with his rendition of “Jump” by Kriss Kross. Even though he’s got serious moves, the Frog reveals that he’s NOT a trained dancer. Sisqó, Omarion, and Romeo Miller are guesses from the panelists. The Banana lands in the bottom 3 after the audience votes.

Group C is ready to rock this show! The Night Angel admits that she’s “avoided” putting herself front and center over the years. She’s been afraid of “standing alone” after “facing rejection in my past.” Her super clue is a kid’s tricycle. Her performance of Andra Day’s “Rise Up” is stunning. Her final clue is that she’s a mogul! The panelists throw out the names Tamar Braxton, Brandy, and Tisha Campbell as guesses.

The Rhino hits the stage after the Night Angel. When he was growing up, the Rhino says he “tried to be what everyone wanted me to be.” An airplane clue is present in the clue package, which hints at something with aviation. His super clue is that music has been his “passion” since he was a kid. He’s been on the Billboard charts and has an album! There’s also a slot machine in the super clue. He performs “What A Man Gotta Do” by the Jonas Brothers. His final clue is that he’s not nearly as tall as everyone thinks he is. The guesses include Vince Gill, Derek Jeter, and Duff McKagan.

The final performance of the night is the Astronaut. He says that he’s been waiting to “blast away labels” placed on him for years. Apparently, something happened in his past and he was “forced to start over.” He’s not a competitive guy, but he wants to win! His super clue is a broken record, which could mean he’s a record breaker! He sings Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up.” His final clue is that he’s never had traditional voice training. The guesses for Astronaut are David Archuleta, JC Chasez, and Ryan Tedder. The Group C masked singer headed to bottom 3 is the Rhino.

The Rhino, White Tiger, and Banana are the 3 masked singers who could be going home. After a final vote, the White Tiger is eliminated. The White Tiger is revealed as ROB GRONKOWSKI.

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