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‘Marriage Boot Camp’s Bianca Bonnie Quarantines Alone After Chozus Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Bianca Bonnie is 29 weeks pregnant and quarantined by herself after her on-again/off-again boyfriend Chozus tested positive for COVID-19.

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Bianca Bonnie Chozus Coronavirus
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Bianca Bonnie and Chozus are being kept apart by the coronavirus. The Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition star told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that her boyfriend — and the father of her unborn baby — has just tested positive for the coronavirus and she has no idea when she will see him again.

“My child’s father actually got tested and he’s positive for the coronavirus,” Bianca told HL, “He had like a 104 fever for three days and then the test came back and it came back positive. So, as of right now, he’s just taking care of himself the best way possible…Of course I worry because I don’t really know what the virus is. It’s not like we got an antidote…But I feel like he’ll be alright because he’s young, and they said that you could shake it.”

Speaking from her home in Miami the 28-year-old hip hop artist told HL that she’s currently hiding out in her condo all by herself, “I was in New York, my family and friends are all in New York. But I’m here in Miami now and it’s definitely safer for me because I’m in my condo alone. So my chances of getting sick are much lower. I’m just taking more precautions because of the baby. I don’t want to get sick and then I still have to have the baby and we don’t even really know what the virus is and we don’t have a cure. I just don’t want to be in that position, to have to be in a hospital around more sick people or anything like that. So I’d rather just be alone and thug it out.”

As fans of Marriage Boot Camp know, Bianca and her boyfriend Chozus have a very tumultuous relationship but as of now they are still together and she revealed that if he hadn’t tested positive for COVID-19 they’d be spending time together during the pandemic. “It’s complicated. My relationship status is definitely what you guys seen on the show. It’s ups and downs, a roller coaster. One day we are happy and the next day it’s like crazy. We’re both young and just taking it one day at a time. Really, literally.”

“He wanted to come down here to Miami and be around when the baby was born. He’s 100% down for being in the baby’s life and being around. But I don’t know what the virus really is, so I’m trying to stay away from everybody, especially people that have tested positive. So I don’t know when I will see him next. If you’re positive right now and it’s March and my baby is due in June, I still don’t feel like that’s enough time, so I’m not sure…I really don’t know when he’ll be able to see the baby now. If he hadn’t tested positive we would be seeing each other more often.”

As for whether she will let Chozus into the delivery room when the time comes in June, Bianca told HL that she still isn’t sure. “I don’t know. He’ll have a heart attack, but it is what it is. Got to be safe for the baby.”

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