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‘Marriage Boot Camp’: A Major Scandal Rocks The House When A Secret ‘Side Chick’ Is Revealed

The drama was at an all-time high during the March 5 episode of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition', when the cast was forced to face the press.

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The March 5 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition ended with the start of a first-ever house elimination vote, so saying things were dramatic this week would be an understatement. With the season now being halfway complete, Dr. Ish is finally starting to make a breakthrough with each and every couple. Especially Chozus and Bianca, who may or may not be hiding a secret. During this week’s exercise, when the cast was forced to face the press, Chozus was confronted about retweeting a picture of a girl wearing a necklace with his name on it. He said, “I just retweeted that, which means someone else took the photo and I just retweeted that.” But then the reporter further asked, “Then why is she wearing a necklace with your name on it?”

Chozus tried changing the subject, but it didn’t work. So his girlfriend, Bianca, came to his defense. “That was at a point when we had broken up. So we were going through a lot. We’re alright now and he’s not with her,” she said. “Are you sure about that?” the reporter asked, and Bianca confirmed she was 100% sure. “Well, I took it upon myself to reach out to the girl in the photos and she confirmed that was her and she is dating you, [Chozus]. What do you have to say about that?” the reporter shot back.

Sadly, he didn’t have an answer at that time and the rest of the housemates looked on in shock. They couldn’t believe that Chozus might be dating another woman while he’s in a relationship with Bianca. And following the exercise, Dr. Ish and Judge Lynn Toler tried getting to the bottom of it.

Chozus refused to say anything about his potential “side chick” without her being present, so Dr. Ish didn’t get very far with him. And Joseline Hernandez told Bianca that she should break up with Chozus if he’s dating another woman behind her back. After Bianca was given that advice, she sought Chozus out and pulled him in a private room so they could whisper and talk about the situation. The entire house felt like they were scheming and faking their romance for the cameras. And if they were truly just friends, the castmates said they wanted Chozus and Bianca to be kicked out. So, Judge Toler and Dr. Ish allowed everyone to take a vote on how to handle the situation. The results, however, won’t be revealed until next week.

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