‘KUWTK’: Khloe Fears She’s ‘Blurring Lines’ With Tristan After They Reunite For 1st Dinner Without True

Kim Kardashian makes nice with Tristan Thompson on the March 26 episode of 'KUWTK', but when she invites him to a family dinner, Khloe begins to feel a bit uncomfortable about it.

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians is back! The show’s 18th season, which was filmed beginning back in September, premiered on March 26, and it kicked off with Kim Kardashian and Tristan Thompson reuniting for dinner in New York City. Kim got Khloe Kardashian’s blessing to reunite with her ex just nine months after he cheated with Jordyn Woods, and things went great. “Dinner was amazing,” Kim admitted. “No one was awkward. We all had a good time. We all were laughing and talking. I could be myself with my friends, he could be himself. I think everyone walked away [thinking], like, wow…he’s a really nice person.”

Back in Los Angeles, Kim, Kris Jenner and some other family members got together for a dinner at Khloe’s house. Tristan just happened to be in town and was at the house visiting his and Khloe’s daughter, True Thompson, so Kim invited him to eat dinner with the group. “He can come over whenever he wants to see True,” Khloe explained. “He’s not here that often, so when he is in L.A., I want him to capitalize and enjoy all the time he can with her. [But] Tristan and I have never had dinner without True since all of this stuff happened.”

Naturally, the situation made Khloe feel quite uncomfortable, and there was clear awkwardness amongst the group, as they struggled to come up with things to talk about. Plus, Khloe worried that spending so much time with Tristan would make him think that she might want to get back together. “I’m really trying to set boundaries,” Khloe admitted in her confessional. “I don’t want to blur any lines. I don’t want anybody ever saying, ‘You led me on.’ Kim and Tristan have always had ups and downs, rightfully so, and for Kim to extend this olive branch — it’s surprising. It’s very sweet. But this is at MY house. I think sometimes people just assume everything’s good but I just want to be asked because this is a little uncomfortable.”

Later on, Khloe confronted Kim about the situation and explained how she wants to handle things with Tristan in the future. “We don’t all need to be hanging out for no reason,” Khloe told her sister. “It’s not even been a year since our breakup, so it’s just a lot so soon, in my opinion. We still have a lot of transitional period to do. So when you’re asking him to come to dinner, I can’t say no…because that’s awkward. But that’s the first dinner that I’ve had with Tristan without the baby.” Of course, Kim was totally understanding.

After all was said and done, Khloe admitted that she and Tristan are “getting along very well, but not too well, where things can get cloudy and confusing.” She also added that she wants to continue taking things “slowly”, and that she and Tristan are continuing to make True their “top priority.” “Tristan and I are in a good place right now,” she concluded. “I’m just happy that everything seems easy.”