Tyler Cameron Goes Wild Over Possibility Of Kissing Hannah Brown During Spin The Bottle — Watch

In the latest edition of 'are they? or aren't they?' Tyler Cameron is ecstatic for the chance to kiss Hannah Brown in a new TikTok!

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We will never get tired of this Hannah Brown, 25, and Tyler Cameron, 28l content, especially their adorable TikTok videos while in quarantine. The former couple teased #Tannah fans even more in a new video while playing spin the bottle. “Alright, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! A little spin the bottle with Hannah Brown!” Tyler announces holding a red wine bottle while the two sit across from each other at a coffee table. As the bottle spins, the camera pans to Hannah who is nervously biting her nail, and then to Tyler who looks like a goofball, twiddling his fingers together and watching the bottle spin.

However, unfortunately for both of them, the bottle aims at the wall behind them, where a friend in a black wig, fake mustache and sunglasses appears with his tongue out! Guess we’ll have to wait another day for Tyler and Hannah to confirm what’s really going on between them! Today, March 24, Tyler’s BFF Matt James posted another TikTok that seemingly confirmed Tyler and Hannah are definitely an item again, as he caught the two tickling each other on camera!

“I need help with the eggs and bacon,” he told the pair. Hannah joined Tyler and his family and friends down in Florida on March 14 and has been a part of their “quarantine crew” since. The group has been keeping spirits high with their series of TikTok videos, as well as many wondering the status of Tyler and Hannah’s relationship.


A little spin the bottle with @hannahkbrown 💃🏼 and @brownbearvisuals sadly... ##happyathome ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage ##moodboost

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Tyler feels a level of comfortability with Hannah and he really enjoys spending time with her, plain and simple,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY on Tuesday, March 17. “They have been through things together that other people could never relate to and they just have a connection. However, they’re really just friends at this point and have a special bond. Tyler completely respects Hannah as a person and thinks she has always handled herself with class no matter what has happened between them. He has seen a different side of her since leaving the show and although he always knew what an incredible woman she was, he sees how genuine she truly is.”

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