Khloe Kardashian Transforms Into Kris Jenner & Looks Like Her Twin In Wild ‘KUWTK’ Promo

In a hilarious new promo video for season 18 of 'KUWTK,' Khloe Kardashian channeled her mom Kris Jenner and looked IDENTICAL to the momager while in costume.

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Image Credit: Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Khloe Kardashian has her Kris Jenner impression down-pat! The reality star got into full costume by dressing up as her famous mom for a new promotional video for the upcoming 18th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In the video, she reads a mock fairytale about the family, and she does it all while channeling Kris.  “Hi everyone, Kris Jenner here. I want to read you guys an amazing story — The Great Book of Kardashian Jenner Tales,” she says. “Once upon a time there lived a powerful queen, who gave birth to five princesses, each with their own gifts and passions, from health to beauty to humor. But as their kingdom grew stronger, so too did the burdens that came with it.”

Throughout the footage of Khloe (dressed as Kris) reading the story, there are other clips from KUWTK spliced in. We see Kylie Jenner at a Kylie Cosmetics photo shoot, talking about how “huge” something is going to be for her company. We also see Khloe talking about pulling off an epic prank while dressed as Kris, and, of course, the highly-anticipated fight between Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian. The clip ends with the sisters clawing at each other and getting physical, and Khloe says, “Oh, you want to know what happens next? Well, honey, you gotta stay tuned!”

The tension between Kim and Kourtney has been brewing over since the end of season 17, when Kourtney admitted that she no longer wanted to film KUWTK. It pissed Kim and Khloe off that Kourtney was sharing less of her life on the show, while they were being so open about the tough times in their lives. One of the biggest battles EVER between the sisters ensued, and we won’t see how it plays out until the new season of KUWTK premieres on March 26.

Of course, this was all filmed months ago, and we’ve seen Kourtney and Kim spending time together and getting along just fine in the months since. Kourtney has also revealed that she’ll still be filming for KUWTK, but will not be sharing anything about her personal life on the show from now on.

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