Kim Kardashian Reunites With Mom Kris Jenner For The 1st Time After Starting Quarantine

Kim Kardashian happily hung out with Kris Jenner, the first outside person she's let in her home since being in quarantine, and they discussed why it's important to continue to 'social distance' themselves.

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner
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Kim Kardashian, 39, spent some quality time with her mom Kris Jenner, 64, on Mar. 23, as the two ladies sat the recommended six feet apart from each other while at home in quarantine together. It was the first time Kim and Kris have seen each other since the cautious reality stars self-isolated in their own homes due to the coronavirus outbreak and they chose to take a moment to advise Kim’s followers to be cautious like them and stay home.

“Hey guys, so today is the first day that I’m having someone from the outside come into my home,” Kim said to the camera as Kris sat across from her at a large table and smiled. “It’s my mom, social distancing, and we are sitting six feet apart having lunch together. We went on a walk six feet apart and it really did make a difference to get out. We just went in our backyard now that it’s not raining but I just want you guys to still be encouraged that social distancing is definitely the way to go and what is really going to make a difference here to get us over this curve.”

Kris then chimed in to explain that getting outside made her feel a lot better. “It made such a difference in my attitude, my energy, and my mood,” she said. “It made me feel cheerful to see Kim and I think if you can, guys, just try to get outside for a few minutes.”

They went on to further talk about how important it is for people to only be around their area and stay inside for the most part. “Just open a window,” Kris said before Kim further expressed the seriousness of the coronavirus situation. “I think everyone just really needs to understand that this is temporary, it’s not gonna last forever but take advantage of the time,” she advised. “I’ve been doing everything from organizing pictures, making my kids’ baby books. Every year I write each one of my kids letters and I’ve been able to catch up on those.” She also added that she cleaned her whole pantry and is “just trying to look on the bright side.”

Kim and Kris’ new video comes after the coronavirus cases have been growing worldwide, including the United States, where there are now 43,897 people infected, including 557 who have died. There have been many statewide stay at home orders put into place by governors of many states, including California where both Kim and Kris live. The order advises people to stay in their homes at all times unless going out for essentials like good and medical appointments.

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