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Presley Gerber, 20, Shuts Down Speculation He Got New Face Tattoo & Insists ‘It Was A Filter’

It a face tattoo false alarm. After Presley Gerber seemingly debuted some new ink, Cindy Crawford's son said it was all just a trick of the 'Gram.

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“It was a filter lol damn,” Presley Gerber, 20, posted to his Instagram Stories hours after he posted a photo that indicated he had gotten some new ink on his face. It turns out it was just an Instagram trick, because the young son of Cindy Crawford, 54, and Rande Gerber, 57, shared a picture of his untatted face along with his message. “Also, I don’t ‘want to be hood’ wtf u don’t know me. Chill. I’m grateful if I wanted to, I could be posting money n sh-t but I don’t so stfu please or I’ mma delete my gram it stressful.”

Maybe next time, Presley will pick something less “controversial,” like the bunny filter or glitter lips. The filter that brought him so much “stress” put a Los Angeles Dodgers logo in the center of a massive star on his right cheek. This fake tattoo really fits his aesthetic, which is probably why he shared the picture with his thousands of followers. While Presley thought it looked cool, others did not, and fans flooded the comments section with their disapproval. “Makes me sad and not even about the tattoo’s, but what he must be feeling or going through to even do such a thing. I hope he finds peace and understanding,” one very concerned person wrote.

Kaia Gerber’s older brother has been taking grief over his ink ever since he revealed it at the start of February. His actual face tattoo is the word “misunderstood” under his left eye. His ink was heavily criticized by fans, and he responded to the backlash during an Instagram Live session. “I don’t feel very understood, I guess,” Presley said when explaining why he got the ink done. “If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have done it. I think that’s a pretty obvious thing.”

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“If anyone has sh-t to say to me about this … I will give you my address, I promise, and you can come say it to my face,” he said during the session, engaging in a practice that has been dubbed “Internet Tough Guy.” He also oddly compared his tattoo to trans people that didn’t go over well. “A lot of people can get a facelift, change genders, lip injections, etc. and it’s offensive to say anything in today’s day in age, but I get a little face tattoo and now people to love hate me.”