Kailyn Lowry Disses Ex Chris Lopez: He’s Incapable Of Dedicating Himself To ‘His Kid’

Burn! After Chris Lopez released a video showing how dedicated he is to boxing, Kailyn Lowry says she wishes he'd put as much energy into being a parent to their son Lux.

While Chris Lopez has avoided the Teen Mom 2 cameras, he’s put himself out there with a YouTube video showing his dedication to training as a boxer for his first fight. That has caught the eye of Kailyn Lowry, who is the mother of his two-year-old son Lux and is currently pregnant with their second son. She’s infuriated that he’s so willing to commit himself to working out and says she wishes he’d pour that same energy into being a dad.

“This video proves he CAN dedicate himself to something… just not his kid, apparently,” Kail told The Ashley Reality Roundup. “It’s good to stay fit but if you’re going to ‘dedicate’ yourself to anything shouldn’t it be to provide stability for your kid… and provide financially?” she added.

The video dropped on March 13 and shows Chris hard at work in the north Delaware gym. He’s seen training his boxing skills on bags, doing endless pushups and going through footwork training drills. In the vid titled P.T.S.D | Pray, Train, Study, Dedicate, his coach Greg Pritchett gushed about Chris. He said on camera, “Chris is a special person to me, just from the first time that I met him and I’d say that the way that he’s different from the way that I met him until now, it’s still a transition going…Just the look on his face, his energy and his story…just paying attention to those little things that he’s trying to change in his life to become a better person and a better father.”

Chris and Kailyn are expecting their second son in July 2020. The MTV star didn’t identify the father when she made her pregnancy announcement in early February. But she basically confirmed Chris is the father in a Feb. 21 Instagram post, clapping back when a fan claimed she was going to have four kids by four different men. “It looks bad that I have 3 baby daddies. I get it,” Kailyn began, commenting back on a post shared by Instagram fan account @tmmamadrama. “But I don’t sleep around and anyone close to me f******g knows that. I don’t say s*** when outlets report FACTS. Things I cannot dispute. But this is low. Please, stop spreading blatant lies about me,” she continued.

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