Donald Trump Admits He Told Son Barron, 13, That Coronavirus Epidemic Is ‘Bad’

Donald Trump is getting candid with how dire the coronavirus situation is when it comes to his own flesh and blood. He told son Barron that the pandemic crisis is 'bad.'

Donald and Barron Trump
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While Donald Trump has gone back and forth with the American people on the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic, he has confided with his own family members how dire the situation is. As the president has at last taken steps to stem the tide of its spread after calling it a “hoax” in February, he admitted that he told his 13-year-old son Barron that the crisis is critical.

“I’ve spoken, actually, with my son [Barron]. He said ‘How bad is this?’ It’s bad. It’s bad” Trump said in a Mar. 16 news conference. This comes as some schools across America have closed down for the next several weeks to stem the tide of the COVID-19 spread and citizens have been asked to self-isolate. It also comes after Trump told supporters during a Feb. 28 campaign rally in South Carolina that  Democrats’ criticism of his administration’s slow response to the coronavirus outbreak, “this is their new hoax,” comparing it to his impeachment trial and downplaying the threat of COVID-19. You can see that video below.

Tump made the admission during a news conference where released a two page list of coronavirus guidelines called “15 Days to Slow the Spread.” He claimed tat COVID-19 could be a threat into the summer and that, “Each and every one of us has a critical role to play in stopping the spread.” He continued, “People are talking about July, August, something like that. They could be right in that period of time where it washes through.”

However, his advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, clarified that, “The guidelines are over a 15 day-trial guideline. The president was saying that the trajectory of the outbreak may go until then, make sure you don’t think that it’s solid in stone until July.” Trump not listening to his advisors came up during the March 15  Democratic presidential debate. Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders said that “We have to shut this president up right now. Because he’s undermining the doctors and the scientists who are trying to help the American people,” during  his debate against former VP Joe Biden.

The list of guidelines advises avoiding “eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, and food courts – use drive through, pickup, and delivery options.” Trump also called upon the governors of states with “evidence of community transmission’ to close schools in the affected areas.” ‘We have taken a tough stance. We may make other decisions,” Trump said.

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