Hillary Clinton Burns Trump with Tweet On How To Lead On Coronavirus Crisis: Start By ‘Giving A Damn’

Hillary Clinton had nothing nice to say, at all, about Donald Trump after his Coronavirus speech last night. Caution... shade ahead.

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“I know this is all hard for you, @realdonaldtrump , so let me spell it out: – Free testing – Fee waivers – Emergency sick leave – Quarantines – Cancellations – Giving a damn,” Hillary Clinton, 72, tweeted on Thursday, March 12, after President Donald Trump, 73, announced plans for what the United States will be doing amid the growing Coronavirus fears. Donny shocked the world after he revealed that there will be a 30-day travel ban to Europe put in place starting at midnight on Mar. 14. “We are responding with great speed and professionalism,” he advised viewers during his speech about the careful decision. “There will be exemptions for Americans who have undergone appropriate screenings. And these prohibitions will not only apply to the tremendous amount of trade and cargo. But various other things as we get approval, anything coming from Europe to the United States.”

Hillary, who has openly discussed her issues with Donald for many years, clearly wasn’t impressed by what he had to say when she sent that very shady tweet. Speaking of shady, the mother-of-one did just that recently while promoting her new Hillary documentary on Hulu. She stopped by Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, March 5, where host Andy Cohen, 51, grilled her on Melania Trump‘s “Be Best” campaign, which partially dives into the issue of online bullying.

Andy asked her about this during his infamous Plead the Fifth segment, where the charismatic television personality makes celebrities squirm by delivering questions to them that are often very personal. They can only, however, Plead the Fifth to one (some of them actually answer all the questions). If Melania’s that worried about online incivility, Clinton said, then “I think she should look closer to home,” obviously referring to Donald’s rampant digital attacks and insults about political opponents, including herself.

It hasn’t been all serious for Hillary in recent days. Andy also asked her what her Real Housewives tagline would be and the former First Lady did not disappoint at all! “I’m neither as good or as bad as some people say,” the former First Lady cheekily answered. Oh snap!