Teresa Giudice, 47, Reveals She ‘Might’ Freeze Her Eggs & Try To Have A Baby Boy With A Future BF

Four daughters with estranged husband Joe isn't enough for Teresa Giudice. She's thinking about freezing her eggs to try for a baby boy when she meets the next man of her dreams.

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Teresa Giudice‘s family might be growing! Even though she already has four daughters — Gia, 19, Gabriella, 15, Milania, 14 and Audriana, 11 — with estranged husband Joe Giudice, 47, she’d like to have a son. It won’t be with Joe though. The couple split in Dec. 2019 after Italy became his new home as he awaits a final decision in his I.C.E. deportation case. Tre, 47, made the surprising revelation on the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special that aired on March 11, where she said she’s considering freezing her eggs.

“I would love to have a little boy!” she told host Andy Cohen. “I might freeze my eggs — you never know,” she continued. Teresa might want to get a move on though. Doctors recommend that women freeze their eggs in their 20’s when they are the most viable and in higher supply. According to Modern Fertility, most doctors advise that women over the age of 38 not undergo the procedure, as the eggs are much less viable and the procedures involved to retrieve them are so intense on the body.

While a pregnancy may or may not be in Teresa’s future, a Jewish boyfriend is! “My first guy was Italian, I want my next one to be Jewish. I heard Jewish men make the best husbands,” she revealed. “I want somebody to talk so sweet to me and gentle, I want to be beautiful to him. I’m done with the whole Italian, tough guy. I’m tired of that. I want something different,” she added. Teresa also shot down rumors that she’s dating her pool contractor Anthony Delorenzo.

One thing Tre doesn’t want is for her daughters to date a man like their own dad. “I tell my daughters, I say to them, ‘Daddy’s a great father, I don’t want a guy to speak to you the way daddy speaks to me. I want you to find a guy who puts you on a pedestal in front of everybody,'” she explained to Andy, after he shared a clip of Joe saying mean things to Teresa during her Nov. 2019 visit with their girls to see him in Italy.

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