Nick Viall Predicts We’ll See A ‘Different Hannah Ann’ During Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Ahead of the March 9 finale of 'The Bachelor,' we spoke with show alum, Nick Viall, to get his predictions on the end of Peter Weber's season -- and why he thinks we'll see a new side to Hannah Ann as things wind down!

After appearing on The Bachelorette twice, then Bachelor in Paradise AND The BachelorNick Viall is pretty much an expert on the Bachelor franchise — so we HAD to get his hot take on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor! Nick stopped by the HollywoodLife podcast, and expanded on his previous prediction that Peter ends up with Hannah Ann Sluss, and not Madison Prewett, the end of the show. “I’ve been saying Hannah Ann, and you can convince me otherwise, but I really don’t know,” Nick told us EXCLUSIVELY. “I think there’s an argument to be made for both, but I’m going to stick with Hannah Ann.”

Along with that theory, Nick said that he thinks Hannah Ann is the woman who Peter’s mom, Barbara Weber, told him to “bring home” to the family in previews for the finale. “I will say, I think whatever Peter’s mom wants Peter to do, Peter will do,” Nick admitted. “I don’t mean that in a snarky way. Peter’s clearly close with his parents. He values what his parents have. I think Peter’s mom knows Peter, so whoever she’s talking about, I think is the person. Moms have a way of knowing what their son wants.”

Things have been solid in Peter and Hannah Ann’s relationship over the past few weeks, and she’s been very patient as he’s worked through some issues with Madison. However, previews for the finale hint that she won’t just sit around and be Peter’s ‘second option’ if things don’t work out with Madison. “I think there’s more to Hannah Ann than she’s let us see in the past few weeks, in terms of trying to say the right thing,” Nick theorized. “I think she’s just really in it and trying to do what she has to do. But I get a sense we might even see a very different Hannah Ann during [the finale] episodes.”

He expanded on that, adding, “I think we’re going to finally see Hannah Ann be like…you know what? Screw this. I’m done saying what I think you need and I’m done being supportive and I’m done being your emotional support system. I think that, eventually, Hannah Ann’s going to put her foot down and even the playing field with Peter, and then Peter’s going to be like, ‘You’re the one I want to be with.’ If you’re making me guess, I’m going to say, right now, that I think come Wednesday, Peter will be with Hannah Ann. That’s my prediction, but I’m not confident.”

During our interview, we also chatted with Nick about his partnership with Orbit Gum and the brand’s effort to ‘clean up’ dating with its Bad Date Rebate campaign. 500 fans will win $75 just from sharing their bad date stories with Orbit on Twitter! “Orbit is encouraging people to share their bad dating stories in an effort to ‘clean it up,’ so to speak,” Nick explained. “It can be anything from, ‘I got ghosted,’ or ‘He was a jerk.’ I think, one, it’s entertaining, ad two, it’s nice to be amongst people who are also having their challenges out there. It’s neat to see peoples’ stories. And hopefully people can learn from it. We’re all guilty of doing bad things in the dating space.”

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