Kelly Clarkson Belts Out Gorgeous Rendition Of Selena Gomez’s ‘Lose You To Love Me’ — Watch

It's the cover fans didn't know they needed! During her 'Kellyoke' segment on the 'Kelly Clarkson Show,' the eponymous host belted Selena Gomez's dynamic ballad 'Lose You To Love Me' and fans adored it!

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Selena Gomez and Kelly Clarkson might just be a match made in musical heaven! On March 9, the Grammy winner and talkshow host, 37, performed a stunning cover of Selena’s Rare single during her segment ‘Kellyoke,’ in which Kelly covers songs with her soulful voice. Taking on Selena’s personal ballad “Lose You To Love Me,” Kelly harnessed all the emotion she had to give a heartfelt performance. But there was so much more than just Kelly’s performance of Selena’s tune that pulled the heartstrings of fans everywhere!

During her interview with the former American Idol winner, Selena opened up about how Rare was an incredibly personal album for her. “There’s a huge part of that didn’t get a chance to develop my identity in a normal setting,” Selena explained. “When I was working with Disney it was the best time of my life and I had a great time; I have nothing but good things to say. But it was a bit more controlled.” Although she found the Disney environment difficult to maneuver, Selena revealed that since her time with Disney she has been trying to make her music “better and better.”

And Selena’s music really has risen to completely new heights! Rare became Selena’s third number one record to date in January 2020. Furthermore, the singer and actress has been incredibly forthright when it comes to the subject matter of her songs, some of which refer to her tumultuous relationship with her former flame, Justin Bieber. “When (2019 single) ‘Lose You to Love Me’ came out, I stood back and had this moment, like, ‘Oh… this is a huge reason why I’ve pushed myself through this. This is why,’” she shared in an interview. “I was able to release a song that hopefully helps to heal some people, or just lets them know they are not alone. I was actually letting it go personally and when that happened something inside of me just left.”

Now that Selena is leaving the past version of herself behind, she is ready to move into the future with a slew of exciting new projects. Selena is already working on her Rare Beauty collection — which will launch this summer. Along with her new business venture, Selena will continue performing her music for her legions of dedicated fans and even revealed to Kelly that she is still in the recording studio creating more music! More than anything, Selena can go into this next chapter of her life with a newfound confidence, as Kelly reiterated to her “From a singer to a singer, it’s beautiful, what you do.”

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