Kylie Jenner Hilariously Names Her Toes After Facing Backlash About Her ‘Weird’ Feet

After getting trolled for having 'weird' feet, Kylie Jenner has given each of her toes a name. Her big toes are 'boys' while the rest are girls.

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When Kylie Jenner posted some sexy bathing suit pics of her in the Bahamas on Mar. 3, not everyone was admiring her curves. Instead some people claimed that her feet looked odd. Mainly that one of her middle toes appeared much smaller that her other ones. One person even wrote, “everything be perfect about kylie except her toes.” Harsh! Kylie took notice and defended her feet, and now all of her toes have names!

“My toes are so famous we should probably name them at this point,” Kylie wrote in her Instagram stories on March 4. Surprisingly, the names didn’t start with a “K” and instead they all began with a “T.” She announced “my big toes are boys” writing it over the picture of her perfectly white pedicured feet. The left one she named Toby and the right one was Tony.

As for the rest of the toes, they’re all girls. Going from her left pinky toe to her right, Kylie named the toes Tess, Teague, Tia, Trix, Tahnee, Tasha, Talia and Tina. Since she’s picked out those names for her toes, it looks like those names will be out of the running if she gives daughter Stormi Webster, 2, a little sister.

After fans were mean about Kylie’s toes, she took matters into her own hands….and feet! In a series of Instagram videos, Kylie showed close-ups of her toes against a furry rug. Over the vids she said, “Everyone wants to come for my f***ing toes. By the way, I have cute a** feet! I broke this middle toe in middle school and there’s nothing you can do about a broken toe, so I just had to heal it how it wanted to heal. So when I flex this up, this little guy is just out of place.” Kylie admitted it was a “weird a** video,” but was the perfect clap back to her feet shamers.

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