Kylie Jenner Feels ‘Pressure’ To Give Stormi, 2, A Sibling Soon: Travis Scott & I Are Still ‘Best Friends’

Kylie Jenner opened up about her life with her daughter Stormi and the 'pressure to give her a sibling' in a raw new profile from Harper's Bazaar.

There are quite a few people insisting that Kylie Jenner continue to expand her young family. The Lip Kit Mogul, 22, confessed to Harper’s Bazaar in the March issue of the magazine, published on Feb. 4 where Kylie and her daughter posed in Marie Antoinette style garb and setting, “My friends all pressure me about it,” she shared of her close confidants wanting Kylie to have another baby two years after giving birth to daughter, Stormi. “They love Stormi. I definitely feel pressure to give her a sibling,” she confessed, although, she added that when it comes to having more children right now, “there’s no plan.”

Instead, Kylie is making the most of her time with her only child. Not only has Kylie demonstrated time and again how close her bond is with her little girl, but even delved into how she makes co-parenting her daughter work with Stormi’s father, Travis Scott, 27. “We have such a great relationship. We’re like best friends,” Kylie shared of her current status with the “Antidote” rapper. Fans will recall, the pair shockingly split in October 2019 after roughly two years together, but agreed to split responsibilities when it came to parenting their daughter.

As the Keeping Up With The Kardashian‘s star has reiterated time and again, Stormi is absolutely the former couple’s number one priority. “We both love Stormi and want what’s best for her. We stay connected and coordinated,” she revealed of how they make playdates, family time, and special occasions like the launch of Stormi and Kylie’s cosmetic collection come together seamlessly. And Kylie pulls a lot from her own experiences growing up to guide her in co-parenting.

stormi kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner and Stormi pose for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar [Morelli Brothers].
kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner on the cover of the March Issue of Harper’s Bazaar [Morelli Brothers].
“I think about [my parents, Kris Jenner, 64, and Caitlyn Jenner, 70] in situations with Stormi, what they would do. They were very hands-on with me, and I want the same for Stormi.” Whether it’s through social media posts or public appearances on the red carpet, Kylie has shown great strides in maintaining a pure connection with her daughter. The issue also reveals how Kylie is raising her daughter in the digital age, especially with her family under so much scrutiny. But as time goes on, Kylie and Stormi are ready to take the world by storm !

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