Justin Bieber Praises Kanye West After Gigi Hadid Disses Him: He’s ‘The Most Innovative Artist’

Justin Bieber spoke enthusiastically about Kanye West as an artist in a behind-the-scenes video for the 'Deal With It' campaign and admitted he thinks he's 'awesome'.

Justin Bieber, 26, is a huge fan of Kanye West, 42, and he proved it when he spoke about him in the behind the scenes video for Calvin Klein‘s Deal With It campaign that he appears in. The singer gushed about the rapper’s talent in the clip and even called him “the most innovative” artist performing today. “The most innovative artist performing today, or just being creative, I think is probably Kanye,” Justin said in the video. “I think he’s got such a good eye for artistic expression, artistic view. And I just think he’s overall awesome.”

Justin’s positive comments about Yeezy come just a week after he made a surprise appearance at his Sunday Service on Feb. 23. He took to the stage at the event and sang an acoustic version of the gospel song “Never Would Have Made It”, which was originally written and performed by Marvin Sapp. He proudly shared a video of the performance to his social media page and captioned it with the lyrics to the song. “I never would have it without you…I would have lost it all, but now I see how you were there for me” they read.

Justin’s praise of Kanye also comes after Gigi Hadid, 24, seemed to shade the “Jesus Walks” creator by liking a tweet on Mar. 2. The tweet was headlined with “A MESSAGE TO THE FASHION INDUSTRY” and went on to read: “Just in case you forgot, Kanye West advocates for Donald Trump’s administration. And that gay-hating, poor person-hating, immigrant-hating, women-hating, trans-hating, animal and nature-hating, abortion banning sociopathic genocidal agenda is the goody in each of your ‘sunday service’ gift bags.”

The bold tweet was posted after Kanye got attention for holding a surprise Sunday Service for people in Paris before his Yeezy Season 8 fashion show during Paris Fashion Week, and although Gigi didn’t comment directly, her action seems to indicate that unlike Justin, she’s not a huge fan of Kanye!

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