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JWoww & Pauly D: The Truth Behind Their Flirtatious Relationship After Near-Kiss On ‘Jersey Shore’

In the teaser for the upcoming season of 'Jersey Shore,' former flames JWoww and Pauly D go in for a kiss and profess their feelings for each other. We have how far their their relationship will go on the show.

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In the supersized trailer for the new season of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation that MTV released on Feb. 28, Jenni “JWoww ” Farley and Pauly D admit to having feelings for each other and possibility of them hooking up gets a lot of screen time. They got together a decade ago, and JWoww, 34, is now divorced from Roger Mathews. So the timing could be right for them to rekindle things. But it turns out their chances of actually smushing isn’t what is seems to be on-screen.

“JWoww and Pauly have always had a very flirty relationship but they’d never actually date one another. At the core, They consider one another family and love each other so much,” a source tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Pauly is very protective of Jenni and was such a rock through her divorce to Roger. He’s always there for her through anything.”

“They’d never do anything sober as far as hooking up goes. They like to be fun and flirty, but that’s where it stops,” our insider adds. Things sure do get flirty in the promo for the upcoming season. JWoww toasts to being “officially divorced” from ex-husband Roger. Next comes Pauly D, 39, saying “When I get the green light, me and Jenni we are going to hook up,” while a shot of them going in for a kiss in a club is shown.

JWoww is then seen in bed saying “I love Pauly,” as Angelina Pivarnick, 33, tells her “I know he has feelings for you.” While in his own bed, Pauly asks “Should I go in and do it? I want to” and the video cuts to him going in for a kiss while they’re in Jenni’s bed. “I’ve been waiting a long time for Pauly and Jenni to hook up. Hopefully it happens…at my wedding” Angelina says in a confessional.

JWoww is still dating Zack Carpinello, 25, although they did briefly split in Oct. 2019 after an episode of Jersey Shore aired showing Zack putting his arm around Angelina’s waist while JWoww was passed out drunk. Thus, Pauly and Jenni’s relationship is just flirty fun.