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‘RHONJ’ Alum Dina Manzo Drags Troll Who Seemingly Disses Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Audriana, 11

Dina Manzo is one protective godmother to pal Teresa Giudice's daughter Audriana. A troll seemed to make a mean comment about the child in an Instagram post, and Dina let her have it.

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An innocent Instagram post by Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice about an orthodontist appointment turned into a war zone when a cruel troll seemed to come after her 11-year-old daughter Audriana. Teresa, 47, shared a photo on Feb. 25 with her doctor and wrote, “So excited to get my #Invisalign with my  awesome and beautiful friend @Drsallysong – I thought about getting veneers, but Dr. Song showed me how much better Invisalign is and how amazing the results would be. Can’t wait to be back for my next appointment with Audriana’s braces 😁.”

Former RHONJ cast mate, Audriana’s godmother and Teresa’s good pal Dina Manzo, 47, wrote in the comments, “Awww she’s getting braces?? 💕💕She will be even more beautiful ✨✨.” Then a user named @accountgirl told her,  “@dina a pretty face doesn’t make a pretty heart 🤦🏼‍♀️.” Dina shot back, “wtf are you taking about? Audriana is the most pure beauty inside and out.” User bubadeets told Dina not to feed the troll, asking her “@dina why even respond? If anyone knows a beautiful heart it’s you.” Fan leah_teese wrote, “@dina don’t bite Dina, namaste✨❤️.”

Fans jumped on the troll for daring to come after a child. User molly_lynn1226 wrote, “@accountgirl let’s use this as a teaching moment: kids are off limits. End. Of. Story,” while jgh220 commented, “@accountgirl Not Nice!!! She is just a child… Actually REALLY MEAN!!!” christinasparkles72, fired off, “@accountgirl that’s so mean!” while missjoyecat wrote, “@accountgirl you are talking about a child. Have a seat.”


Dina Manzo
Dina Manzo claps back at a troll who seemed to diss Teresa Giudice’s daughter Audriana, 11, on Instagram.

Others told Dina that the troll was probably talking about Teresa and didn’t notice that last line about Audriana.  Fan its_stacey_ramos responded, “@dina I think she was talking about @teresagiudice I don’t think she even read last sentence. People are cruel, very easy to do sitting at home laying in bed with an unfulfilled life. #TrollLife.” User mrsvaughanrn added, “I think @accountgirl was referring to Teresa, not Audriana.” bubadeets was back again, writing “@dina I think she thought she was talking about Teresa… probably didn’t read the whole post.”