Wendy Williams Reveals Why She Thinks There’s ‘No Romance’ In Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s Relationship

After seeing Kanye West leave Kim Kardashian to fend for herself in an elevator, Wendy Williams is convinced: she thinks there's 'no romance' in their marriage.

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After seeing the video of Kanye West leaving Kim Kardashian in an elevator with her shopping bags, Wendy Williams has come to a conclusion: she thinks there’s “no romance” in the married couple’s relationship. Wendy showed the viral clip on the February 21 episode of her show (watch below) that features Kanye and Kim passionately kissing in a glass elevator in Paris. When they reach their floor, Kanye happily strolls out with a smile — leaving Kim to scramble before the door closes in her face. “You know I love Kim, and I love Kanye and the whole family,” Wendy said while showing her audience the clip. “But, Kanye is being roasted for leaving Kim in an elevator with a whole bunch of bags. I see no romance in their relationship. Look at him!”

Wendy chastised Kanye for the move, saying that she knew children who would have been more polite to Kim in the same situation. “I’ve met five year olds who would help a woman with their bags and also push the elevator button and keep the elevator open,” Wendy said. “Are you serious?” She then mused that the couple weren’t even actually caught in a tender moment, but instead allegedly kissed because they knew they were being watched. “There [Kim and Kanye] are, and the only reason, to me, that they were kissing is because it was a glass elevator and probably the cameras. Come on like, ‘let’s stage this,'” Wendy argued.

“And then he’s like, ‘okay this is done.’ But you’ve got to keep up the charade. Oh man, I just wish we didn’t know this. We wouldn’t have known this if he had just acted right.” Wendy brought up another seemingly awkward interaction between the husband and wife at the NBA All-Star game in Chicago. The couple got put on the kiss cam at the February 16 game (watch below), and Kim was all about it. She blows kisses to the camera, waves, and puckers up her lips to kiss Kanye. He doesn’t kiss her back, so she plants one on his cheek, instead. “I could not put up with a relationship with no romance,” Wendy said after showing the clip. “But, if it works for them — who are we to judge?”


Despite what Wendy alleged, it seems like Kim and Kanye are going strong. Just in the past week, they’ve been to Chicago, Paris, and somewhere tropical together — a ‘surprise Valentine’s Day trip’ that Kanye gifted her. He even took some gorgeous pics of her rocking a bikini at the pool.

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