Justin Bieber Nearly Vomits Eating Ant Yogurt Rather Than Shave His Mustache During ‘Spill Your Guts’

It’s a good thing that Justin Bieber isn’t squeamish, because he just ate a lot of gross stuff. During ‘Spill Your Guts’ with James Corden, Justin downed ant filled yogurt rather than let James shave off his mustache.

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James Corden and Justin Bieber
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A year after Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) scarfed down some atrocious items to avoid spilling the tea on married life with Justin Bieber, it was his turn to sit down for a game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts.” Justin, 25, joined The Late Late Show host James Corden on Feb. 20 for the game that’s one part “Truth or Dare,” one part Fear Factor, and totally hilarious. Before it even started, Justin was completely grossed out by just the smell of the icky food on the table, that included Cod sperm, a bull penis and bird saliva.

James gave Justin a shrimp and chili pepper smoothie and asked him, “You have performed all over the world. Which country has the worst fans?” The Biebs immediately chugged from the glass rather than diss his fans. He started to heave and needed some milk, because the gross drink was so spicy.

Next up James gave Justin the bull penis. He asked him “Your wife Hailey has some very famous friends she’s really close to. Rank these from favorite to least favorite,” naming off models Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne. Justin was up for it — and really didn’t want to eat a bull penis. Kendall was his favorite, followed by Gigi then Cara. But Justin was careful to explain it’s because he’s friends with Kendall and didn’t really know the other two ladies, so he had absolutely nothing against them.

Lastly Justin was given ant yogurt with a scorpion. “Justin you have two choices. You can eat what is in front of you, or let me shave your mustache,” James told him, while whipping out electric clippers. The appearance was taped prior to Justin actually shaving it off himself on Feb. 16, and Justin really wanted to keep his ‘stache at the time. Justin downed a spoonful of ant yogurt, and proceeded to double over and nearly puke.

Justin’s appearance on “Spill Your Guts” completes a trifecta of appearances this week. At the start, Justin joined James for a third installment of “Carpool Karaoke,” before donning the spandex for “Toddlerography.” While the saying is “Save the best for last,” Justin’s gastrologist probably would argue against that. At least Bieber and his wife will have something to chat about when he gets home. Justin’s turn on “Spill Your Guts” comes one year after Hailey sat across from James Corden with a table full of gross edible “food” between them.

For the most part, Hailey came out of the segment relatively unscathed, until James pulled out a card featuring three photos of Hailey’s hubby. When asked to rank Justin’s more questionable hairstyles – his baby Bieber brown quaff, that one time he had blonde dreads, his 70’s tennis hair – she decided to eat pig flesh meat jelly instead of answering. She immediately regretted the decision.

Otherwise, things went well for Hailey. She was questioned about her involvement in the disastrous Fyre Festival, specifically how much she was paid for promoting it online. “I’m not going to share, but it made for a very generous donation to charity,” she said. When asked how married life was treating her, she said that marriage was “awesome.” When asked what was the biggest difference between being married and not, she revealed it was the living situation. “I think for me it’s cohabitating with another human,” she said. All in all, Hailey’s was a very low-key version of the game, one that has seen celebs share some amazing facts (and eat some gross stuff.) Time to add Justin to that list. What a way to end a week on The Late Late Show.