Jessica Simpson Reveals Why She Plans To Let Her Kids Read Her Full Memoir When They’re Older

Jessica Simpson spoke to in an EXCLUSIVE interview & revealed why it's so important to her to be open with her 3 kids about her struggles laid out in her new memoir.

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Jessica Simpson
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As her telling memoir Open Book hits the top of the New York Times’ Bestseller List, Jessica Simpson called the milestone “truly one of the best moments of my life” in an EXCLUSIVE interview with “That is for one reason only…it means I am helping people. My God given purpose is to use my voice, and if my voice is resonating then I am serving that purpose,” she said. The incredibly honest tell-all details the singer’s struggle with sobriety, her tumultuous divorce from Nick Lachey and how she’s overcome it all to become the incredible mother, wife and businesswoman she is today. Mother to Maxwell Drew Johnson, Ace Knute Johnson and Birdie Mae Johnson, Jessica revealed to HL that her kids will “absolutely” read Open Book one day.

“I have already spoken to them about many of the topics in the book, and I believe in being totally open with them,” she said. “Some of it they are not old enough to digest right now, but in time we will be talking about all of it as a family.” Speaking of family, Jessica’s sister, Ashlee Simpson, gushed over her big sis’ book success on Instagram, writing, “I am so very proud of my beautiful, brave, kind, loving sister!!! It’s beautiful to see you sharing your truth with the world.” Jessica added that it was exciting for “people to understand me more completely” since Open Book hit the book stands. “I am hoping they see that i am just a normal person with the same emotions and struggles and insecurities that they have.”

“It is incredible to be sober,” she continued, referring to opening up for the first time about her struggle with addiction in the memoir. “I have more clarity than ever and I realize how much more I am capable of when I am totally grounded in myself. Believe it or not, I was so clouded when I was drinking that I thought it made me a better version of myself, but I was definitely wrong about that.”

Jessica Simpson’s revealing memoir, Open Book, is available now and a must-read!