Ayesha Curry Responds With Epic Clap Back After Hater Calls Her A ‘Farm Animal’

Lesson learned: the next time someone wants to insult Ayesha Curry, don't. She proved she was the 'Greatest Of All Time' while smacking down some hate from a rude, cruel and racist troll.

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Image Credit: Jason Merritt/Radarpics/Shutterstock

The Internet proved itself to be both the worst and greatest thing on Feb. 17. It all began when Ayesha Curry, 30, when she posted a picture of her and Steph Curry, 31, on a relaxing vacation in Cabo San Lucas. “All the things,” she captioned an IG gallery of her lounging in a blue bikini with her hubby by her side. Typically, this would be no big deal, save for all the FOMO inspired by their gorgeous pictures. However, one Instagram user got really, really rude in the comments section. “Steph married to an actual real life farm animal,” wrote someone, who soon realized they made a huge mistake. Chef Curry quickly cooked up a response. “Yes, a GOAT, I know [shrug emoji],” wrote Ayesha, delivering a thunderous clap-back.

Yes, the “Greatest Of All Time” spoke, and her fans applauded her response. “A [goat] married a [goat.]” “You funny girl.” “perfect response.” “Wow, that was too easy.” “the best clap back I’ve ever seen you say. What’s understood has already been explained.. you’re awesome, but you don’t need our validation of that. Keep doing you, sugah.” “the G.O.A.T u defo are girl keep shining like u do& deuces to the keyboard warrior chicken heads real life farm animals !!” “but you not going to say that to her face!! Take that negative energy elsewhere!! Don’t hate on a true queen and king….stay blessed.”

Considering the racist history of comparing black people – especially black women – to animals, it’s unreal that someone would find it acceptable to call a woman a “farm animal.” Clearly, this user realized that he had stepped in it. The person tried to argue with other users in the comment section, before realizing that they could just say nothing. At the time of this post’s publication, their Instagram profile has been set to private. It’s unknown if they usually had it set to that, or if it was a reaction to having Ayesha’s defenders drag him/her on their own profile.

Instagram/Ayesha Curry

A day afterward, Steph and Ayesha returned home. She shared a picture of Steph and their son, Canon, 1, cuddling together. She also shared a video of Riley Curry taking after her mother. The eldest Curry child was big enough to make pancakes on her own. “She loves it. Makes me so so so so so happy,” Ayesha captioned the video. It seems that Ayesha has no room for any troll’s hate in her life when her heart is full of so much love.

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