Olivia Culpo Reveals Why Her Boyfriend Christian McCaffrey Is Such A Good Match For Her

Olivia Culpo has been dating NFL star Christian McCaffrey since May '19 and, while hosting the Stella Heartois Experience in L.A. she revealed that she and her beau bring out the best in each other.

Olivia Culpo Christian McCaffrey Relationship
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Olivia Culpo, 27, hosted the Stella Heartois Experience, sponsored by Stella Artois and Bumble, in Los Angeles on Feb. 13. The model and actress sat down for an EXCLUSIVE chat with HollywoodLife at the pop up event. When talk turned to her boyfriend, NFL star Christian McCaffrey, 23, and why he’s such a good match for her, Olivia beamed. “I would say with him, we just really complement one another,” she told HL. “He and I have a lot of the same interests. Very family oriented, and definitely we bring out the best in each other.”

Olivia has been dating Christian – a Carolina Panthers’ running back — for almost a year and they’ve shared plenty of sweet moments to Instagram together. But, as fans of Olivia know, no matter who she’s dating, she’s fiercely loyal to her girlfriends. And, since the “Stella Heartois Experience” event was held on Galentine’s Day, we had to ask her how she strikes a good balance between her friendships and her love-ships. “I think sisters before misters is a real thing,” Olivia shared with HL. “The balance is definitely really difficult. I think that your friends are there to keep you grounded even within your intimate relationships. So just keeping that in mind, I think you’ll always be able to have that perfect balance.”

“I feel like Galentine’s Day is the best invention ever. I don’t even know if it’s considered an invention. But I actually celebrated it last week with my friends, and I think that it’s just a really important moment for women to remember that they’re not defined by their intimate relationships, but they’re also defined by every relationship that they have, and I think this era for women, we’ve never known the importance more than we do now of your relationships with your friends. Like women supporting women and just having each other to lean on, and Galentine’s day is the perfect moment to really honor that.”

Of course Valentine’s Day is just as fun to celebrate and Olivia told HL that she’d be spending the special day with Christian — but didn’t know much more because he’s going to surprise her. “It’s actually a surprise. So I don’t know what we’re doing yet, but I’ll know tomorrow. I love Valentine’s Day. I love celebrating all holidays. Any excuse to relax with friends and family is something I’m all about.”

 Olivia Culpo Christian McCaffrey Relationship

With that mindset, it makes perfect sense that Olivia was chosen to host the immersive dining event, because, as she told HL, “Tonight, we’re choosing to live the Life Artois, which is all about celebrating special moments with people that you love, savoring moments and doing that over a Stella. So what better holiday than Valentine’s Day to really appreciate your friends and family and your loved ones in whatever way you can. And just honestly have an excuse to celebrate and have fun.”

If you want to experience the ‘The Life Artois’ firsthand you are in luck as Stella Artois will be activating in key cities across the U.S. in 2020. There are a series of fun events planned including a music fest called Port de Stella festival series.

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