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Scott Disick Follows Sofia Richie For The 1st Time After She Unfollows Kourtney Kardashian On IG

Scott Disick followed Sofia Richie on Instagram the day after she unfollowed and then refollowed his ex Kourtney Kardashian on Feb. 5, indicating that things are still romantically on for the couple.

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Scott Disick, 36, started following girlfriend Sofia Richie, 21, on Instagram on Feb. 6 after she revealed she doesn’t want to appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians anymore. The move also happened one day after Sofia made headlines for unfollowing and then refollowing Scott’s ex Kourtney Kardashian, 40, on Feb. 5, four months after she initially followed her. The father-of-three’s move indicates that things seem to be all good between the lovebirds and one of Sofia’s latest Instagram Story pics further supports that claim. In the pic, she can be seen wearing a gray sweatshirt that reads, “LET THE LORD BE WITH YOU,” which is the same phrase Scott uses as his Instagram name, proving she’s in full support of her man.

Since Sofia’s decision to stop appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which Scott regularly appears on, caused some speculation that there may be trouble in paradise between them, the couple’s latest social media moves are reasons to put those rumors to rest. In an interview with ET, the daughter of Lionel Richie admitted that she wants to stop appearing on Scott’s ex’s family show because she wants to focus on her own acting but the decision still came as a surprise to some fans. She first appeared on the show in Oct. 2019 so it hasn’t been that long of a run.

In the wake of Sophia’s decision, a source EXCLUSIVELY confirmed to HollywoodLife that things are still all good between her and Scott. “Sofia and Scott are still together and it would surprise those close to them if they ever split. Their relationship is very easy and natural,” the source explained on Feb. 7. “But, she wants to have her own career and do her own projects, and she has no interest in reality TV.”

Sofia Richie, Scott Disick
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We’ll be on the lookout to see if there are any more changes between Scott and Sofia in the near future. It’s great to know things are still all good between them!