Blake Lively Hilariously Tells Jimmy Fallon That He’s Her 5-Year-Old Daughter James’ ‘Beyonce’

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have plenty of famous friends. It turns out that their five-year-old daughter James is the most starstruck by Jimmy Fallon, as he's her 'Beyonce.'

Blake Lively, 32, gave Jimmy Fallon some pretty surprising news about her oldest child when she stopped by The Tonight Show on Jan. 29. She revealed that her five-year-old daughter James Reynolds didn’t want accompany her mom to the telecast. When Jimmy asked, “How’s my girl James?” Blake replied, “We’ve got to stay away from you Jimmy. She’s so intimidated by you.” Blake said that when she asked her to come along to the taping, James nervously said “no, that’s fine. Just go, just go,” refusing to join her mom. But it was for the cutest of reasons.

When it came to the show’s host, the little girl gets starstruck around him. Blake told Jimmy that James is “buddies with Taylor Swift, no problem. Jimmy Fallon, can’t speak. You’re like her Beyonce.” Blake added, “We have a Jimmy Fallon cardboard cutout in our house.” Which knowing Jimmy and her husband Ryan Reynolds‘ playful relationship, may or may not be a joke.

Blake also opened up that James has been absolutely wonderful her new baby sister, as she and Ryan welcomed their third daughter in late summer of 2019 (though they still haven’t revealed her name). “My oldest is very into the baby but my middle child, not so much. She sort of like pretends to play with her. In the beginning, our oldest was loving on her and was very maternal. But our middle daughter just keeps away from her,” Blake explained about three-year-old Inez.

But Blake knew how to get her to change her mind. “I said you know you’re going to teach her everything she knows. You’re going to teach her about cities, flowers, the sky, Santa, Claus, Mickey Mouse, anything you want.” Then Blake made a cute scrunchy face to mimic Inez and said, “Oh I didn’t love you but now I do” about her baby sis.

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