Jenelle Evans Reacts To Rumor She’s Returning To ‘Teen Mom 2’: ‘I’ve Been In Talks With People’

Jenelle Evans posted a new video to her YouTube channel on Jan. 24 and in it, she hinted that she may be returning to 'Teen Mom 2' and also talked about how she's doing as a newly single woman.

Jenelle Evans, 28, gave fans an update on her life and her plans for the future, including whether or not she’ll be returning to Teen Mom 2, in a new video she posted to her YouTube page on Jan. 24. The reality star, who split from her husband David Eason, 31, in Oct. 2019, admitted that although there is no confirmation that she’ll get back on the show that made her famous, she has been in talks with people in connection with something. “I have no idea about Teen Mom and I have no idea about my own show, but I know I’ve been in talks with certain people here or there,” she said in the video. “Not saying it’s MTV or who it is but we’ll see if something works out in the future. I don’t know.”

Jenelle was let go from Teen Mom 2 after David made headlines for shooting and killing their French bulldog, Nugget in Apr. 2019. Although he claimed he did it to protect the dog from hurting his and Jenelle’s daughter Ensley, 3, the act caused a lot of controversy from the public and led to him and Jenelle losing temporary custody of Ensley and their other kids. Now that Jenelle is separated from David, it’s very possible she could be added to the cast once again and already admitted to having an “open contract” when she gave an EXCLUSIVE interview to HollywoodLife in Sept. “I contacted our old producer and asked, and he said you guys just have an open contract right now, and that no doors have been closed,” she EXCLUSIVELY told us about her future on the show.

In addition to discussing Teen Mom 2, Jenelle addressed rumors that she’s back with David after the two were photographed looking cozy in Nashville, TN, where she recently moved, on Jan. 14. She explained that they did not rekindle their flame and due to state laws, they have to wait at least a year before they are officially divorced. “In the state of North Carolina, you first have to be separated for a complete year to even file for divorce,” she said. “In the state of Tennessee, you have to live there for six months to be a resident and you also have to be separated for six months in order to file for divorce. So that’s why I haven’t filed yet.”

As far as why she moved to Tennessee, Jenelle said it is because there are more opportunities. “I have plans for my future and there’s more business opportunities here, so that’s one of the main reasons why I came here,” she explained. “It wasn’t because of another guy; it was to get away, clear my head and do more business opportunities.”

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