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Beyonce Fans Convinced Singer Didn’t Send Kim Kardashian An Ivy Park Box & The Reactions Are Priceless

After Beyoncé gifted some A-listers with her new IVY PARK collection, fans are convinced she snubbed Kim Kardashian – and they’re living for the alleged shade.

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Beyoncé giveth and taketh away, it seems. To hype up her IVY PARK x Adidas collaboration, Bey, 38, send copies of her unisex capsule collection to some of her famous friends. Ellen DeGeneres, Reese Witherspoon, Janelle Monae, and Yara Shahidi were all given an IVY PARK box, and these A-Listers showed off their new clothes (and the large orange wardrobe they came in) on their Instagrams. One notable name absent in this star-studded line-up was Kim Kardashian, 39. It’s not like the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to be discreet about her personal life, so the fact that Kim hadn’t shared an unboxing video online by Jan. 23 left fans thinking Beyoncé snubbed Kim. “The entire Hollywood is wearing Ivy Park except for Kim? Yikes,” one tweeted.

“I love knowing Kim Kardashian ain’t get an Ivy Park box from Beyoncé LMAOO (she def woulda posted that shit if she did). Guaranteed that shit is eating her alive, I hope there’s footage. I will watch that KUWTK episode just to watch her be pressed lol,” one fan tweeted, and others were just as merciless in their mockery. “Did Kim really think she was going to get Ivy Park PR? She sent that shit to Lil’ Flip instead.” “Kim Kardashian ain’t get an IVY park box? Lmaooooo Bey do not f*ck with her at all.” “So everyone, but Kim Kardashian got Beyoncé’s ivy park merch from the queen herself…. oh DAMN lmao.”

Now, it’s entirely possible that Kim’s collection has arrived, and she’s saving the unboxing for another day. It’s also possible that it hasn’t come, or Bey will send it to her on a different day. So, consider that. While the Beyhive was enjoying this (alleged) shade, others pointed out that excluding Kim and other celebs might bite Beyoncé on the butt. “Why didn’t @Beyonce send @KimKardashian and [kylie Jenner] an ivy park box? That’s literally who you want promoting your brand. They have more followers than almost anyone. Same with [Selena Gomez] and [Taylor Swift] It just doesn’t make sense,” one person theorized. Another just wanted to see the world burn. “Lowkey, I wish Kim gets an Ivy Park box just so the TL can explode bc I enjoy chaos.”

One fan kind of pointed out that Kim wouldn’t be too torn up at the alleged snub. “I know ppl will be on my neck about this buuuuuttttt doesn’t the Ivy Park merch look a tiny teeny bit reminiscent of Kim K’s style that she’s been rocking for the last several months?? The biker shorts, cropped hoodies, sock boots?? Or am I trippin!? Lol” one person tweeted. This isn’t the only person – or, in this case, brand – claiming that Bey’s new capsule isn’t that revolutionary. The UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s tweeted out how that the IVY PARK collection resembled their worker’s uniform. This naturally upset the Beyhive, who defended their queen against the onslaught of a British supermarket’s offhand Twitter joke.