Jonas Brothers Recreate Iconic ‘Camp Rock’ Scene 11 Years Later On TikTok — Watch

Joe Jonas is Shane Gray, for crying out loud. The singer lip-synced his famous lines from 'Camp Rock,' along with his brothers, in a new TikTok video that Twitter is freaking out over.

Image Credit: Disney

The Jonas Brothers have discovered TikTok, and the band has used its powers for good. The JoBros recreated a scene from the beginning of their legendary film, Camp Rock, over a decade after the movie first arrived on Disney Channel, and shared the TikTok clip to Twitter on Jan. 21! We were transported right to 2008 after seeing Joe, 30, sitting in the car with a shaggy wig on (complete with the trademark emo fringe). “I don’t wanna waste my summer at some camp. I’m Shane Gray, for crying out loud,” Joe lip-syncs to the movie’s original audio in the TikTok, exuding punk rock angst. As a refresher, Joe — we mean, Shay — is forced to spend his summer teaching dance classes at Camp Rock. He’s not too happy about it, seeing as he’s now the superstar frontman of the band Connect 3.

“Hey man, you used to love this place. Three years ago, we were campers,” lip-syncs Nick, 27, who’s rocking a curly brunette wig to portray his character Nate Gray. And then, the best line: Kevin, 32, who’s also wearing a Hot Topic-esque wig to portray Jason Gray, says, “Yeah man, this is where Connect 3, connected.” You can watch the full video below. The TikTok was just missing Demi Lovato!

Even Joe, Kevin and Nick didn’t know what to quite to say about this little piece of magic they made. “Presented without comment…” The Jonas Brother’s Twitter account captioned the clip. But fans knew what to say. “I can’t thank you enough…..this is pure comedy….” one fan commented, while someone else wrote, “Joe, Nick & Kevin??? I only know Shane, Nate & Jason.” Others were bewildered as to how the brothers haven’t seemingly aged between 2008 and 2020. “Why does joe still look the exact same? Man doesn’t age, I swear,” one such fan tweeted, while another wrote, “WHAT KIND OF WITCHCRAFT IS THAT @nickjonas LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME!!”

The JoBros have gotten quite into acting, lately. They even impersonated Kim and Khloe Kardashian to recreate the iconic purse brawl from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in a clip shared to Instagram on Jan. 13. Like Camp Rock, the KUWTK scene is a relic from the aughts, and it seems like the brothers have a soft spot for throwbacks. In their new music video for “What A Man Gotta Do,” they paid tribute to multiple ’80s films. Our next request is for the Jonas Brothers to revive their Disney Channel sitcom, Jonas!

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